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 Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times

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Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times Empty
PostSubject: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:30 pm

3T Talks About Uncle Doo Doo!!!

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 7 Апрель 2011 г. в 2:16

How did the recording of this other song on which Michael sings -"I Need You"- go?Taj:
We made him listen to the song and he loved it. He just wanted TJ to
re-sing one or two sentences and put more emotion in it. So TJ said that
was a great idea but he wanted Michael to how him how to do it. So we
all went to the studio where Michael was recording his own songs five
minutes away from where we were. We gave him a call and he came. He
helped TJ all the way through the recording of his part and he also got
the idea for the voice inflexions in the end. The producer of the track
then asked him if he would sing at the end of the song and Michael said
"of course." When Michael started singing, the producer started crying
because it was a dream come true for him; to see Michael Jackson singing
one of his songs. Why do you call Michael "Uncle Doo Doo"?Taryll: As you know, he's stupid (laughs). He does silly things.Taj:
It's one of the thousand nicknames he gave himself. Even when he's
away, we stay in touch with him. We send him letters and he answers. He
signs his letters "Uncle Doo Doo," it's just to do something silly. So there's no real meaning behind it?Taj: No! (laughs) I'm sorry, I wish there was one! What's your favorite song on the HIStory album?Taj: Gosh, I don't know. It's hard to tell...TJ: One thing's for sure, out of all his albums, this is probably our favorite one because it has more songs on it! (laughs) What do you think of "Money"?Taryll: What do we think of money? No, the song! (laughs)Taryll: I love it. It's great. Seriously, I really love "Money". Actually, the whole album is fantastic.TJ: I like the words of this song, they're really strong and, in most cases in America, they tell the truth. During the Dangerous Tour, you spent a lot of time on the road with Michael. Tell us more about it...Taryll:
I think that's when we learned the meaning of the words "travel" and
"do a show". At the time of the Jackson 5 and even the Victory Tour, we
were too young and we had to go to school. We would only travel during
our school breaks so we wouldn't miss class. During the Dangerous Tour,
we had the opportunity to spend time away from home without having to go
back to school. Each day, for months, we saw everything. We saw the
fans, the way our uncle would act with them. He taught us lots of
things. We learned a lot. Do you see Michael as your uncle or as the King of Pop? Can you, for example, tell him anything you want?Taryll:
Oh yes! One time, during the Dangerous Tour, he'd get the words wrong
during "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" and show after show, he'd make the
same mistake. We kept telling him but he'd always forget. One day, he
finally sang the words correctly and at that very moment, he pointed at
us from the stage. We have a video camera and another time we asked him
to wave at us while he'd be onstage and he did so during "Heal The
World," that was funny. It reminds us he's still our uncle. When we're
backstage playing video games or acting stupid or joking around, he's
just Uncle Doo Doo. But when he comes up onstage, even us we get
stunned, he's fantastic. Anybody would get stunned seeing him perform,
it's the same for us. People must ask you loads of questions about Michael. Is it okay with you?Taryll:
It doesn't bother us. We're very proud of our uncle. We understand why
people want to talk about him, it's because he's great! It's nice to
talk about him sometimes, but when we get up at 5:30 in the morning to
do a TV interview at 6 and there's not a single question about us... but
we don't mind. We wouldn't be where we are today without him, we know
that. He gave us so much.TJ: He gave us so much advice, it gave us confidence in ourselves.Taryll:
He taught us how to write songs, how to sing, he helped us. Without
him, we would still have made an album but I don't think it would have
been as good. He really taught us a lot of things. TJ, you're still at school, how is it with the other students? Do they ask you questions about Michael?TJ:
No. I go to the same school my brothers went to before me. We've spent
our whole lives there, about 15 years. We grew up with the same people.
They never ask me questions. It's a small school, mainly for showbiz
kids like Tevin Campbell, Sydney Poitier or Quincy Jones' kids, to name
just a few. They simply don't ask me questions. What kind of advice were you given by the other members of your family when you started in the business?Taryll:
We were told to stay together, to work hard, to make the most of it, to
have fun and to fight for what we believe in. But most importantly, to
stay together. Will you support Michael on the HIStory Tour?Taryll:
Maybe, we haven't asked our uncle. We haven't talked about that. If he
wants us to do it, we'll be happy to accept. I think anybody would do
the same. But we don't think we have to do it to assure 3T's success.
Whether we do support our uncle or not, we think we have a good album
and the chance to make it anyway. We're not running after this tour, we
don't count on it. Michael and Janet are great dancers. Are you planning to dance in your future videos?Taryll: We dance a little bit, but we're not as good as them. They're fantastic. It's alright (laughs). We play Baseball.Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 208317_195123323858961_110570722314222_435764_426425_a
MJ And 3T!!!
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Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times Empty
PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:33 pm

Remembering Michael - Jeffrey Daniel

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 15 Июнь 2011 г. в 21:09

Jeffrey Daniel, a US dancer, choreographer and singer of the soul vocal
group Shalamar, heavily defended Michael Jackson in an interview to the
British The Voice. Daniel was involved in the Michael Jackson videos
'BAD' and 'Smooth Criminal' and served as a dance consultant on
'Ghosts'.In the interview, Jeffrey Daniel said that he knows that
Michael Jackson did not molest any children, that he did not deserve
the ‘wacko Jacko’ label, and should not be portrayed as a child
molester. He explained that he has watched Michael Jackson do many kind
things for underprivileged children dying from multiple sclerosis,
cancer and other terminal illnesses.<blockquote>“I stayed at
Neverland. I saw what is there. I saw the kids who were staying there,
it just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. As far as I know, he’s
not that type of person.Michael does not tell people, but I have
seen what he does. His greatest crime is his humanitarianism and his
humility. It backfires on him and these people have gone after him.I just feel sorry that he’s such an open hearted person - that he didn’t grow a much harder shell earlier.Isn’t
it odd that the media can be so forgiving of people who are in
rehabilitation, people who have been convicted and gone to jail? I just
think it’s unfair that the media paint such a negative picture of a
person who was not found guilty.”</blockquote>Refering to debates over whether Michael Jackson actually learned the moonwalk from him, Daniel added:<blockquote>“That
is between the fans. Michael Jackson and I have nothing but love and
respect for each other. I never feel slighted by Michael’s achievement
with the dance because he’s one of my dance brothers.He would religiously work on dances every Sunday. And it was over a period of, Idon't know, a few weeks because you're doing it just once a week for a couple ofhours or so. It wasn't so regimented, like, O.K., here's this step and thisstep. It was like some of it was having fun, some of it was acting goofy, movingaround like Charlie Chaplin and poking faces at each other. Some of it was, wewere just gelling, you know, with the dances. And some of it was concentratingon a particular move, but a lot of it was two guys just having fun and showingdances. And then watching Fred Astaire films, watching Gene Kelly, watching theNicholas Brothers, watching Sammy Davis Jr., getting inspiration. He could eatpopcorn like nobody I knew, 'cause I could eat some popcorn. And we're sittingwatching movies together and you can hear him scraping the bottom, and I'm justcracking up laughing. And he breaks out singing along with the movie. I waslike, My God, he's just like anybody else you know. We first worked with him in1980, but he did not do the moonwalk publicly until 1983 [on Motown's25th-anniversary TV special]. And after he did it, he asked, "How was it?" And Isaid, "Why did you wait so long?" He said, "Well, it still didn't come outright." I'm like, Huh? This is the performance that totally blew everyone away —and he said something didn't come out right. Whatever was going on in his mind,we would never know it. We all know that it was a mind-blowing performance, andit just took him to another level. " </blockquote>Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 252410_210334195671207_110570722314222_517163_1699781_n
Jeffrey Daniel (right)

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 249905_210334282337865_110570722314222_517164_4788205_n
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:35 pm

June 13th 2005, The Santa Barbara Jury found Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY On All Accounts!!!!

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 13 Июнь 2011 г. в 23:53

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 247490_209864969051463_110570722314222_514679_8207046_a

A California jury exonerated Michael Jackson of the child molestation,
conspiracy and alcohol charges that could have sent him to prison for
nearly 20 years!People vs. Jackson (full case name: 1133603: The People of the State of California v. Michael Joseph Jackson)
was a 2005 trial involving recording artist Michael Jackson. The
accuser was a boy, Gavin Arvizo, who was 13 years old at the time of the
alleged crimes. Jackson was indicted for four counts of molesting a
minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor in order to molest him, one
count of attempted child molestation, and one count of conspiring to
hold the boy and his family captive at his Neverland Ranch, as well as
conspiring to commit extortion and child abduction. He denied all counts
and asserted that he himself was the victim of a failed extortion
attempt. On June 13, 2005, the jury found Michael not guilty on all
fourteen charges, which included all of the above plus four
lesser-included misdemeanor counts.Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 247851_209866022384691_110570722314222_514689_7377471_n

December 18, 2003, Jackson was charged with seven counts of child
molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent, in
order to commit that felony, in February and March 2003, all regarding
the same boy under 14. The felony complaint stated that Jackson had, on
seven occasions, "willfully, unlawfully and lewdly committed a lewd and
lascivious act upon, and with, the boy's body and certain parts and
members thereof, with the intent of arousing, appealing to and
gratifying the lust, passions and sexual desires" of Jackson and the boy
and that this sexual conduct had been "substantial." Also that, on two
of these occasions, Jackson had administered to the boy an intoxicating
agent with intent thereby to enable and assist himself to carry out the
previously mentioned act. Jackson denied these allegations and said that
the sleepovers were non-sexual. He still described the boy on whose
statements the accusations were based as "a sweet child"; he said the
boy was manipulated by greedy parents.Michael was arraigned on
January 16, 2004, at the court in Santa Maria. He was admonished by the
judge for turning up 20 minutes late. Jackson was represented by
attorneys Mark Geragos, Ben Brafman, Steve Cochran and Robert Sanger.
Jackson entered a plea of "Not Guilty." Judge Melville turned down a
media request for publication of 82 pages of documents and related tape
recordings on the grounds of violation of the parties' privacy rights
and complicating the process of selecting an unbiased jury. It concerned
the boy's accounts of what allegedly happened, interviews with his
family, statements made during the child's psychological counseling and
information about the Chandler's case.In a court session on
February 13, 2004, it was revealed that the defense had just received
400 pages of evidence from the lead prosecutor and that hundreds more
were expected. The judge said he wanted the trial to begin before the
end of 2004. Both sides agreed that was possible. Jackson was not
present. In the court session of April 2, 2004, the judge ordered papers
to be released from the previous $3 million lawsuit started by the
accuser's family against J.C.Penney department store. Jackson's defense
said they would be used to show Jackson's innocence. On April 5, 2005,
Jackson posted a $3,000,000 bail bond from Plotkin Bail Bonds of
Norwalk, California, paying a bond fee of $300,000.Grand jury
proceedings (without defense counsel and without a judge present) in
Santa Barbara, starting in March 2004, led to Jackson's indictment on
April 21, 2004. The grand jury was composed of nineteen jurors; the
indictment required the votes of at least twelve jurors. Prosecution
witnesses testified without defense cross-examination!!!On April
25, 2004, Mark Geragos and Ben Brafman were replaced as Jackson's lead
counsel, one-time Robert Blake defense attorneys Thomas Mesereau and
Steve Cochran and Robert Sanger continued to represent Mr. Jackson. The
second arraignment was held on April 30, 2004.The jury selection
for the trial started on January 31, 2005, and the trial ended on June
13, 2005, when the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on all 14 charges.
Of the 12 jurors, eight were women and four were men. There were eight
alternate jurors, consisting of four men and four women. There were no
African American jurors in the final jury, though one African American
was among the alternate jurors.Mesereau and Sanger questioned the
witnesses in the courtroom. Brian Oxman and Susan Yu were in the
courtroom but did not have speaking roles during the trial. Brian Oxman
was eventually removed from the defense team in the middle of the trial
by Mesereau and Yu. Outside the courtroom, there were 2,200 reporters
covering the trial, more than the O.J Simpson and Scott Peterson trial
combined. Because no television cameras were allowed inside the
courtroom, E! and British Sky Broadcasting broadcast a re-enactment of
the trial. It aired Monday through Friday at 7:30 and 9:00 pm.Bashir
refused to answer any question regarding unpublished footage of his
documentary, or anything about how it was prepared and produced. This
refusal was based on the California Constitution's journalist shield law
and the First Amendment privilege for journalists. Judge Melville
decided that the defense could submit a request to Melville to have
Bashir return to testify more, against which Bashir could file
opposition. Also Melville agreed that before possibly charging Bashir
with contempt of court for refusing to answer, Bashir would be heard.
Although Bashir refused to respond to his cross-examination!Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 248386_209867479051212_110570722314222_514698_5678302_n

May 2005, the witnesses for the defense testified, including popular
comedian and antagonizer of Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, as well as Macaulay
Culkin and Jay Leno. All were examined by Mesereau, and all were
favorable to the defense. Tucker knew the family and claimed they took
advantage of him. He testified that he warned Michael Jackson about the
family. Culkin testified that he was a long time friend of Jackson's and
was never molested. Leno testified that Gavin Arvizo called him with a
women directing him in the background. He was suspicious and ordered his
staff not to let any more of these calls through. Mesereau also called
to other witnesses who, along with Macaulay Culkin, were claimed by the
prosecution to have been molested. They all denied that any molestation
ever occurred. One of them was Wade Robson, Britney Spear's, his
choreographers. Other witnesses testified that Janet Arvizo had lied
about the alleged sexual assault by J.C. Penney employees. Others
testified that the Arvizo children were poorly behaved, demanding and
broke into Mr. Jackson's wine cellar. Closing arguments of both sides
were presented, Ron Zonen for the prosecution and Tom Mesereau for the
defense, in the beginning of June. The jury reached a verdict of not
guilty on all counts and all lesser offenses for those counts, announced
at 2:13 pm PDT (21:13 UTC), June 13, 2005!!The jury deliberated about 32 hours throughout the course of seven days before reaching its decision.The
clerk of court read the verdicts Monday in a packed courtroom while a
large crowd of supporters waited outside. Jackson fans cheered, wept and
hugged upon hearing the verdicts.Courtroom observers reported that Jackson dabbed his eyes with a tissue after his acquittal.Upon
hearing the findings, Jackson's family members reached out to touch one
another and to support Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson.The matriarch sobbed at hearing the first "not guilty."Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, stared stiffly with hands clasped as he listened to the verdicts.Santa
Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon sat grim-faced during
the reading of the verdict and said later that he would accept the
decision."In 37 years [as a prosecutor], I've never quibbled with a jury's verdict, and I'm not going to start today," Sneddon said.Asked if the acquittal ends California's prosecution of Jackson, Sneddon replied, "No comment."Jackson's
family members accompanied him to the courthouse to hear the verdict
and flanked him as he exited the courthouse to the cheering of
supporters.Looking drawn and expressionless, Jackson did not
address the throng before leaving the courthouse in a caravan of black
sport utility vehicles.His lead defense attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., told reporters on his way out of the courthouse that "justice was done.""The man's innocent. He always was," Mesereau saidFor extensive details of the trial, see "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" by Aphrodite Jones, 2007 (Foreword by Tom Mesereau).Various Sources Edited and Worded by Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:38 pm

May 27th 2003 Michael takes Prince & Paris to Universal Studios in Los Angeles

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 27 Май 2011 г. в 20:35

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 247683_206150916089535_110570722314222_494396_4165200_n

afternoon trip with the kids to Universal Studios turned into the
chance meeting of a lifetime for Linda Bosnak and her children. She had
the unexpected pleasure of meeting up with none other than the most
widely recognized personality in entertainment history, Michael Jackson.It
was early afternoon, around 2 pm on a day in early May, when Linda and
her children arrived at Universal Studios. She noticed that there was a
section of the parking lot that had been roped off and mentioned this to
her children, wondering what sort of special event might be happening.
The inconvenience caused her to have to walk an extra quarter of an hour
from their parking spot to finally get into Universal.The family
entered the "Main Street" of the park which features stores and
shopping opportunities and that's when it happened. Linda's daughter
spied Michael Jackson as he entered the Lucy And Desi Tribute, saying<blockquote>"Mom! That looks like Michael Jackson!"</blockquote>Having been a fan since the Jackson Five days, Linda KNEW it was Michael and began shouting<blockquote>"Michael! Michael!"Michael
was surrounded by personal security and had his children with him, but
turned to acknowledge the shout before disappearing inside. Linda
approached the guards and asked permission to go into the store, but the
store had closed it's doors to allow Michael and his children to shop
in privacy. Everyone knows, however, that fans are not easily dissuaded.
Those that go into a store must come out! And Linda told her children
that they would simply wait for Michael</blockquote>Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 253773_206151452756148_110570722314222_494397_3769336_n

the situation, Linda deduced that Michael would probably be exiting
from a different door than he had entered. The family walked around to
the side of the building and shouted through a glass window to Michael
inside. He heard her and came over to the window to see her and where
she was able to take a photograph.Michael continued his shopping
and when he was finished, came out of the building. To Linda's
astonishment, he began walking directly toward her! When he was close
by, she told him<blockquote>"Michael, your children are
beautiful." Michael responded "How can you tell? They are wearing
masks." Linda responded "I can see Princes' beautiful eyes and his
blonde hair and Paris' blue eyes. They are so beautiful. You are truly
blessed." Michael answered "Thank you" with audible excitement in his
voice.Linda remarks that you could truly tell that his children are his life.During
this time, she was able to take photographs of Michael, some of which
are featured with this article. Linda remarked that there was a huge mob
of people following him all around the park; probably a few hundred.How
is Michael in person? Linda says that she found him "charming...down to
earth...easy-going." And how to sum up this experience?<blockquote>"Probably
the most memorable experience of my life...something the children and I
will never forget. The kids told the teachers and kids at school and
they were so excited."</blockquote>Linda and her family love Michael Jackson and given the chance to speak with him again, they would tell him just that!</blockquote>
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:43 pm

When I Met Michael Jackson..

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 23 Май 2011 г. в 21:21

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 225283_205288436175783_110570722314222_490021_4535631_n

don't like to talk about the celebs I have met in my life because I
don't know , there is no need to. But since Michael's passing, I wanted
to share my story about how I met him.I was living in London,
interning at the British Parliament (when Tony Blair was Prime
Mininster---I think 2nd to last year) .My usual weekday when I didn't
have to work or on the weekends, i would do what most people do:
Sightsee and shop. Well I happened to go to the Virgin Megastore
in London, England to buy some CDs. While I was looking around for some
new tunes, I saw a huge crowd gather, I instantly looked to see what
was going on and guess who appeared?Michael Jackson.I was
shocked because since I was 8 years old, I composed music for fun----but
he was the one who got me into liking to compose (don't worry folks, I
haven't made a CD and I am too shy to but who knows maybe I will
someday?). I didn't faint, I didn't really do anything. I
just went about my business. But on my way out, I decided to not be
'shy' for a moment and said "hi, Michael, nice to finally meet you"
blushing.he shook my hand and said "hi, nice to meet you"He was such a nice man.It is amazing how many lives he touched the world, very much like the late Princess Diana.I will miss Michael. When he was in the news for the untrue lies about him, I never once believed the press. Michael, I will miss you. May you rest in peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:46 pm

How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 3 Май 2011 г. в 19:44

November 7th, 2001, Michael gave his first ever in-store signing
appearance. It was at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square, New York
City, to promote Michael’s new CD, Invincible. I did not know
that a special promotional tour was scheduled. So many fans showed up.
It was November and at the beginning of winter. My friend Lisa told me
that we were going to New York City because Michael Jackson was having a
CD signing. She worked for Sony, and she had some friends that worked
at that store.Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 226762_200939209944039_110570722314222_467803_2887458_n

took us seven hours to drive to New York from Montreal, where we lived.
We arrived and the next thing I knew I was next to get my CD signed.
There he was, and there I was all smiles. There was very heavy security
so I was kind of rushed through the line and the CD was handed back to
me. I was still looking at Michael, giving little kisses to the
autographed CD, which made him smile and laugh. Reluctantly I was about
to walk away, when Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the table
where he was. I was face-to-face with Michael Joseph Jackson! He was
still smiling at me so I held out my arms, and he leaned over the table
and we hugged.He had the sweetest laugh, and he smelled so good.
He looked directly into my eyes as he signed the disc and handed it back
to me. When I was so close to him, he seemed shy, but he must have
found me to have been really funny because he was laughing in a sincere
way. How did I feel? It is beyond words. I remember
everything. How soft and low his voice was and how his hands touched my
back. I whispered, “Love you more” and he smiled. I must
tell you that I feel that I had a secret with Michael at this meeting.
He looked into my eyes with a puzzling look, like we knew each other. I
did not have a fan reaction either. I knew what was behind those eyes,
in that soul. It was like we were in a trance. Time stood still. I could
not hear anyone; then I felt his shoulder and hair and it felt as if I
was in another world.My friend Lisa said, “You two had something
happening!” I also realized I had met the man. Yes he is an icon, but
face-to-face when I looked into his eyes, I saw a man with a soul, blood
and bones, no longer just an idol. I think that that was the sweetest thing, and I thank heaven and stars that I made this quantum leap in just ten minutes!I
am so grateful that I was given this chance to meet him. If only I
could loop this meeting over and over...But life goes on, and who knows
what other dreams may come along on this journey called “my life.”Mari
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:49 pm

Michael's message

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 24 Апрель 2011 г. в 3:02

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 225025_198773126827314_110570722314222_453948_3115391_n

assure you that unless you change and become like children, you will
never enter the Kingdom of heaven. The greatest in the Kingdom of heaven
is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child. And whoever
welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me.” (Matthew
18,3), Jesus says, and according to this Michael obviously would be in
good hands there.“I’m trying to imitate Jesus in the fact that he
said to be like children, to love children, to be as pure as children,
and to make yourself as innocent and to see the world through eyes of
wonderment and the whole magical quality of it all and I love that.”
(Michael Jackson talks to Oprah, 1993) “The innocence of
children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the
potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult,
you’re conditioned …” (Michael Jackson, Ebony, 1992)Yes, but what
about all of this talking about innocence? Why should it be of interest
to be like that and live like that? Isn’t it in the nature of mankind
to grow, to develop and automatically become an adult? And what does
Michael mean with ‘conditioning’? The first is quite clear
— a child sees and enjoys the world differently from an adult. For the
child everything is new. It gazes the wonder of creation with
fascination and joy. Many adults have lost that ability, because
everything became too common and too natura. Well, and because it’s
almost embarassing to bend down at the wayside just to let a ladybird
crawling onto your finger, to admire its beauty, whisper a wish and then
send him away into an unknow journey — and all that while you have just
been deepened in a conversation about politics in the USA. Besides, if
you do bend down, those disturbing fat-rings emerge so much — and what
does that look like??! … That’s by the way, what Michael might mean with
‘conditioning’ — with time adults built their own rules how to behave
in different situations. Stimuluis-Reaction, a simple sceme. But it’s
nothing more than learned reactions with hardly any spontaneity. The
child immediately would ran over to the bug with an exultant scream —
not a second thinking about if what it does is appropriate, nice and
right. It simply does it, and wise people know: this unreflected
reaction is the much more appropriate, nice and right one. Because it
creates a connection from man and nature and pets the soul. “Yet
there is a deep truth in innocence. A baby looks in his mother’s eyes,
and all he sees is love. As innocence fades away, more complicated
things take its place.” (Michael Jackson, Innocence, Dancing the Dream) “I
think what they get from me I get from them … My greatest inspiration
comes from kids. Each song, every dance I do, all the poetry I write.
It’s all inspired from this level of innocence, that consciousness of
purity. And children have that. I see God in the face of children.”
(Michael Jackson, Living with Michael Jackson, 2003) The
other thing is that children only want one thing: being loved. They
don’t manipulate others for reasons. Well, actually that’s not the full
truth. One of the first things children learn in their life is how to
get other people doing something they want them to. So to say, screaming
and crying to get attention and care. But this is not the same like
manipulating in the way adults do to get advantages out of it. Children
just want to reach things they need to survive and stay healthy. Most of
all that’s love. If a child is full and loved it hardly longs for
something else. In the same way Michael seems to want nothing more than
being loved: “Before you judge me, try hard to love me.” (Michael
Jackson, Childhood, HIStory). “I just simply want to be
loved wherever I go. All over the world, because I love people of all
races from my heart, with true affection.” (Michael Jackson talks to
Oprah, 1993) The motives of adultes who reach out for
certain things seem to lie widely beyond this aera. Grown people can
derogate others and hurt them very much, just to enrich themselves. And
who knows better than Michael Jackson who had been betrayed and abused
by so many adultes — and everything motivated by the greed for might and
wealth! “Adults have let me down. Adults have let the world down.”
(Living with Michael Jackson, 2003). Michael’s biggest
wish is that we all again become children in our hearts. Because he
believes that that’s the way to rescue our world. This is Michael
Jackson’s real mission, and he strongly believes in it like all prophets
do. "I've travelled the world over eight times. I do as
many hospitals and orphanages as I do concerts. But, of course, it’s not
covered. That’s not why I do it, for coverage. I do it because it’s
from my heart. And there are so many children in the city who haven’t
seen the mountains, who haven’t been on a carousel, who haven’t pet a
horse or a llama, never seen them, so if I can open my gates and see
that bliss, an explosion of screaming laughter from the children and
they run on the rides, I say ‘Thank you, God.’ I feel I’ve won God’s
smile of approval, because I’m doing something that brings joy and
happiness to other people." (Michael Jackson, People, 'At large' with
Geraldo Rivera, 2005)“Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days …Child of innocence, return to me now …Child of innocence … Come fly with me far and aboveOver the mountains in the land of love …Child of innocence, messenger of joy,You’ve touched my heart …My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fireTo change this world is my deepest desire.”(Michael Jackson, Child of Innocence, Dancing the Dream)“Children of the world, we’ll do it …We’ll swing the tide of time and do it …Children of the world, we’ll do it …With song and dance and innocent bliss …We’ll do it.”(Michael Jackson, Children of the World, Dancing the Dream) Let’s
go back to the Rabbi who said that Michael seems to sit in Paradise,
playing and waiting that all people go the same way to live toghether
with one another and with nature in peace and harmony. And in no way is
Michael alone with this point of view or better: this feeling:“A great man is the one who kept a childlike heart.” Menicus, confucian philosoph. “I love children and young, innocent souls. I don’t admit blaming them.” Sathya Sai Baba. And
finally there’s God … To be so tight to life and nature and to keep
such a close relation to children, you also have to keep a close
connection to God. From their source children naturally are much tighter
to God than older people. And without any doubt Michael Jackson
believes very much in God. “I believe in God, absolutely, absolutely,
very much.” (Michael Jackson talks to Oprah, 1993). He was raised as a
Jehowa’s Witness. But being about twenty years old, Michael is said to
have left this special church. He seemed to have noticed something —
that God isn’t just the God of one denomination but God of all people.
Michael believes that mankind is (or at least should be) an oneness, an
unity of all nations, races and religions. We all are God’s children and
that’s why God has to be much more all-embracing. Michael doesn’t think
much of a division of people, no matter which attributes cause it.
There’s not a You or a Me, just a We he says in his prose “I You We”
(Dancing the Dream). “It’s strange that God doesn’t mind
expressing Himself/Herself in all the religions of the world, while
people still cling to the notion that their way is the only right way.
Whatever you try to say about God, someone will take offense, even if
you say everyone’s love of God is right for them. For me
the form God takes is not the most important thing. What’s most
important is the essence. My songs and dances are outlines for Him to
come in and fill. I hold out the form. She puts in the sweetness. …(Michael Jackson, God, Dancing the Dream) Michael
strongly believes that his ability to create music is a gift of God.
The best thing about being a pop star is …. “Getting to share your gift
from God with the world and hope and pray they accept it and love it. I
just want to make wonderful music and give them a treat to the eye with
song and dance and a sense of escapism, that’s all really.” (News of the
world, 2001) Michael accepts this gift to reach it
further on to others — and here we are again at the first theme
‘giving’. ‘Taking’ you can just from the almightiness of God and from
your own strength, from the never ending circle of energy, but you
shouldn’t suck others to profit yourself. Because in the long run you’ll
then get less. Only if we alltogether ‘give’ in the sake of the other
our world can be healed. Classical message of Michael Jacksons. “I
believe that all art has as it’s ultimate goal the union between the
material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. I believe that to
be the reason for the very existence of art.” (Michael Jackson talks to
Oprah, 1993) “Writing a song is like standing under a tree
and trying to catch a leaf. Everything comes as a package. It’s the
most wonderful, most spiritual thing …” (Michael Jackson, 1993) Michael
gets his music direktly from above, that’s what he insists on. Hardly
any other artist stresses that so much and so often. One of the world’s
greatest living musicians again and again refuses to book his merits on
his own account:“Well, the songwriting process is something very
difficult to explain because it’s very spiritual. It’s, uh …You really
have it in the hands of God, and it’s as if its been written already —
that’s the real truth. As if its been written in its entirety before you
were born and you’re just really the source through which the songs
come. Really. Because there is … they just fall right into your lap in
it’s entirety. You don’t have to do much thinking about it. And I feel
guilty having to put my name, sometimes, on the songs that I — I do
write them — I compose them, I write them, I do the scoring, I do the
lyrics, I do the melodies but still, it’s a … it’s a work of God.”
(Michael Jackson, Yahoo Audio Chat, 2001)And he has to be a very
special person to have this gift, right? Not many people are blessed
with his abilities. No, on the opposite, acutally just very, very few … Some
people are able to retreat so far from the world’s noise that they can
hear what is called: ‘music of the sphere’. And those few being able to
enjoy it tell us this: “Each ascended light-being sends out an
individual keynote, which is weaved into a beautiful symphony of sounds.
And while moving through the interstellar space, the mixture of cosmic
tones displays an inspiration for all those who have the privilege to
have access to the abilities of the inner ear.” (Book of Life, P. 203).
“We were told that we could hear music each time we get quiet … and that
this music is what is called an angel’s choir. They call it the
‘symphony of souls in harmony’.' (Spalding, VolI, P. 130). Michael describes his feeling like this:“Deep
inside I feel that this world we live in is really a big, huge,
monumental symphonic orchestra. I believe that in its primordial form
all of creation is sound and that it’s not just random sound, that it’s
music. You’ve heard the expression, music of the spheres? Well, that’s a
very literal phrase. In the Gospels, we read, ‘And the Lord God made
man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath
of life and man became a living soul.’ That breath of life to me is the
music of life and it permeates every fiber of creation.” (Ebony 1989) “People
ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like
stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river
has its song. So I stay in the moment and listen. What I
hear is never the same. A walk through the woods brings a light
crackling song: Leaves rustle in the wind, birds chatter and squirrels
scold, twigs crunch underfoot, and the beat of my heart holds it all
together. When you join the flow, the music is inside and
outside, and both are the same. As long as I can listen to the moment,
I’ll always have music.” (Michael Jackson, How I Make Music, Dancing the
Dream) “That’s exactly what it is, you’re connected to a
higher source and you just go with the moment and you become one with,
you know, the spirit. Not to sound religious or anything, but it’s a
very spiritual … very much like religion, and it’s a God-given gift and
you just go with it. And I’m honored to have been given it.” “The
mission of ‘Heal The World’, my mission, is healing. Pure and simple.
To heal the world we must start by healing our children. Being with them
connects us to the deep wisdom of life. This simple goodness shines
straight from their hearts. We have to heal our wounded planet.”Michael JacksonCredits mjfriendship
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:51 pm

Apr 22 2002 The 3 largest MJ fan clubs unite to denounce the lack of promotion of Invincible, they organise demos to relaunch it

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 22 Апрель 2011 г. в 20:38

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 217538_198487946855832_110570722314222_452646_2616098_n

On April 22nd 2002 The three biggest Michael Jackson’s fan-clubs in the
world gather their effort to denounce the lack of promotion of
Invincible from Sony Music, they organise many demonstrations of fans
to re-launch the album. Lets first recap the lead up of events to this:Before
the Invincible album and after Michael extracted himself from the Sony
contract, a media firestorm erupted about his financial woes,
catapulting into rumors that he was forced to sell his stake in Beatles
Catalog. Media quoted anonymous sources, reporting the details of
Michael’s financial matters that only a few were privy to. Roger
Friedman openly cited Sony insiders. The leaks emanated from the
upper echelon of Sony, aiming to discourage investors from loaning to
Michael by portraying him unviable for financial backingTo refute the reports, Michael issued a Press Release: “I want to clarify a silly rumor. The Beatles Catalog is not for sale, has never been for sale and will never be for sale”Michael meets with Sony executives at the Hit Factory Studioto present them his next album: Invincible Michael
wants “UnBreakable” to be the first single of the album. He has an
elaborate video concept. Sony declines and chooses “You Rock My World”.
Sony brings in Hype Williams to propose a video concept and direct it.Dissatisfied with Hype Williams’ proposal, Michael hires Paul Hunter to direct his own video concept for You Rock My World.Sony sent a radio program director to an all-expenses-paid-trip in exchange of airplay for Jennifer Lopez’s “I am Real” song.Michael shoots You Rock My World music video, directed by Paul Hunter, featuring Chris Tucker and Marlon Brando."You
Rock My World" was leaked to two New York radio stations. It was first
played by WJTM-FM at 6 p.m., with WKTU-FM airing it 45 min later. Both
stations played the song every 2 hours until 6 p.m. the next day but
Sony called the program director for both stations, Frankie Blue, and
asked him to STOP playing 'You Rock My World'!!!You Rock My World is released worldwide, except USA American
charts are calculated based on both radio play AND sales. Not releasing
the single commercially adversely affected the song’s place in charts.
Sony’s bogus excuse was that the single could harm the sales of the
album but apparently this concern was reserved only to Invincible album.A
number1 single is an essential, cost effective promotional tool for an
album. It builds anticipation and hype for the record buying customers
& the retailers. A Billboard chart analyst said “It was a huge
mistake not to release the single” At Michael’s request, Jay Z was featured in “You Rock My World Remix” .In March 2002 VIBE magazine interview, Michael is asked about the Jay Z remix. VIBE: Why did you choose Jay-Z for the remix of “You Rock My World“?Michael:
He’s hip, the new thing, and he’s with the kids today. They like his
work. He has tapped into the nerve of popular culture. It just made good
sense.In return, Michael provided background vocals to Jay Z’s
“Girls Girls Girls" which was supposed to be released as a single. Sony
barred Jay Z from releasing the song with Michael Jackson vocals. So Jay
Z refused Sony to release his “You Rock My World” Remix. Jay Z
released "Girls Girls Girls" as a hidden track in his "BluePrint" album.
You will NOT see the song in album track listing. After the last song
of the CD, there is a 25 second silence, followed by "Girls Girls
Girls". Sony had NO problems whatsoever when Brandy used Michael
Jackson vocals on her song “It’s Not Worth It" on her Feb 2002 album
"Full Moon". Sony’s problem wasn’t that Jay Z used Michael’s
vocals but that JayZ was featured in “Your Rock My World” remix which
God forbid benefited the Invincible album sales that Sony was
deliberately sabotaging.payola is when record companies
pay radio stations to play specified artists and songs on the radio,
regardless of their quality or popularity. This bribe came in forms of
TVs, DVD Players, digital cameras, laptops, trips, car rentals, hotel
stays, concert tickets, cash, etc.investigation revealed that
Sony employees concealed the bribes to radio stations, by using
fictitious "contest winners" and make it appear as though the money and
gifts were going to radio listeners instead of station employees.Sony even used MJ concert tickets to bribe radios to play OTHER artists!!!While
Sony violated federal laws, bribing to promote its other artists, it
went out of its way to sabotage Michael Jackson's Invincible album.
While Sony was bribing radio stations to promote its other artists, it
called in to STOP radio stations from playing, without any bribes,
Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World”.Sony acknowledged the fraudulent practice of payola and settled for $10 millionWhen
Michael and his fans accused Sony of deliberately sabotaging
Invincible, media accused Michael for assigning the blame to Sony for
Invincible's failure.Michael organized 2 Madison Garden
Square concerts to promote Invincible. Sony sent a memo to its worldwide
offices, instructing them not to participate in the promotion of the
concerts. Michael requested from Sony to place an ad promoting
Invincible during the televised broadcast. Sony declined. Strangely
enough, Sony did place an ad promoting Jennifer Lopez’s album in her TV
special that aired a week after Michael’s. In 2001, the only
times Michael sang “You Rock My World” was the only 2 times he performed
it on MGS promotional concerts that he himself organized.When Michael announces that he will produce a charity song to fundraise for the families of 9/11 victims. “I want to do something to help those who lost their mothers and fathers. Those are our people. Those are our children. Those are our parents." Sony refuses to fund the song so MJ pawned his own diamond-watch to fund it!!MJ
organized a benefit concert for 9/11 victims. “United We Stand: What
More Can I Give” was held at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. He performed 'Man In The Mirror' and 'What More Can I Give'Oct 30, 2001 Invincible album is released worldwideButterfly was released in USA as radio play ONLY. It wasn't released commercially anywhere in the worldMJ
finished “What More Can I Give”, he wants it to be released
immediately. Sony stoops to using a charity song produced out of love,
to corner Michael: If he wanted to release it badly enough, Michael had
to give up on his stake in Sony/ATV. Michael counter-offered to produce a
Sony Playstation game and to participate in Sony movie projects for
FREE. Sony declined, Michael had to give up on his charity song that he
himself had to fundTo promote Invincible album on his own, Michael organized hisfirst ever in-store signing event in New York“Cry” was released worldwide, except USA Michael
was displeased with the video concept Sony proposed. Sony won't fund
HIS video concept so Michael refuses to appear in the video. Sony filmed
and released the Cry video without Michael’s participationCry” was released worldwide, except USA Michael
was displeased with the video concept Sony proposed. Sony won't fund
HIS video concept so Michael refuses to appear in the video. Sony filmed
and released the Cry video without Michael’s participation. Michael
appears on American Music Awards to accept ‘Artist of The Century’
Award. Sony doesn’t advertise Invincible. Instead promotional material
from 1995 HIStory album was shown. Similarly, during American BandStand 50th Anniversary Special on April 20, Michael performed “Dangerous” – 10 yr old song.When
he appeared on April 24 at Apollo Theater for "Every Vote counts"
Democratic FundRaiser with Bill Clinton, Michael performed “Dangerous,
Black or White & Heal the World”.Why was Michael Jackson performing old songs when his Invincible album was sinking down the charts? Michael was forbidden by Sony to perform from his Invincible album !!!February 2002 Sony intensified its financial pressure on Michael!Despite of his personal feelings about touring, Michael wants to do a World Tour to settle his loan with SonyMichael
received a Grammy nomination for 'Best Male Pop Vocal Performance' for
You Rock My World. Sony informes Michael that he couldn’t perform any
material from Invincible album. This restriction prevented Michael from
performing the very song for which he received a Grammy nomination, as
well as any other song from Invincible. Michael cancelled his Grammy
Award appearanceMichael attends David Gest & Liza Minnelli
wedding in NY. He invites several trusted fans to his suite to explain
the situation with Sony and asks fans to push the promotion of
Invincible.March 2002 After heated debates with Sony
about Unbreakable video budget, Michael decides to finance & produce
it himself. He hires Bret Ratner to direct it.Roger Friedman
quoted a Sony insider “Sony Music Publishing's President Richard Rowe is
now in constant contact with Michael Jackson. The reason? It's time for
Jackson to relinquish his half of the Beatles' catalog to Sony. Sony
will either make him a cash offer for the catalog or just call the note
but it's going to happen!!“We are not in discussions with Mr.
Jackson over the sale of his share of the ATV catalog. These rumors are
completely baseless." –SonySony tells Michael not to bother with the Unbreakable video!!!March 2002 Sony halts ALL Invincible promotions, offering no explanation to consumers!April
2002 One MJ fan club reports “After receiving thousands of protests
from fans around the world, the Epic headquarters in New York now answer
that, simply, they do nothing for Invincible because Michael Jackson is
not an important artist for the company!!!!3 Anti-Sony
demonstrations are jointly organized by several fanclubs, one in front
of Sony headquarters in Manhattan, one in front of NBC studios (airing
American Bandstand 50th Anniversary) and one in front of Apollo Theater
(hosting the Democratic fundraiser)Michael Jackson fanclubs
issued a joint Statement, exposing Sony’s sabotage of the Invincible
album as a strategy to acquire full control of the Beatles Catalog!!!Worldwide Fanclubs organize to re-launch Invincible albumA joint release from The United Michael Jackson Fan-Clubs was made.At
the initiative of the United Michael Jackson Fan-Clubs, several
demonstrations in support of Michael Jackson will take place throughout
Europe in the forthcoming weeks.June 13th, 2002 NEW YORKUSA Location: Sony Music Headquarters 550 Madison AvenueNew York CityFan Demonstration & Michael's SpeechAbout
1000 fans from all over the world gathered in Great Malborough Street
(London, UK) to demonstrate in front of Sony Music offices on Saturday
morning. They were sporting very colourful banners and signs, and
chanting 'TERMINATE MOTTOLA' and 'SONY SUCKS' with Michael Jackson's
'Invincible' on the background. MTV, BBC and other media were also
presentThe fans were announced that Michael would show up around 1
pm, he arrived in a double deck London bus around 1:30 pm. The bus was
swarmed with fans chanting and showing their support to Michael. He
leaned out of the bus several times to get the banners and to greet fans
who were going absolutely mad and then led the demonstration chanting
against Sony with a megaphone. Thousands of people kept running after
the bus down Oxford Street, one of London's busiest streets on
Saturdays. It was amazing.Later on at the Equinox Michael
made a speech in which he laid out the truth about Sony, saying he is
leaving them as a free agent, after the release of a box set with two
new songs he has recorded a long time ago already Demonstration at Zurich in Switzerland Saturday, May 18, 2002, the demonstration in Switzerland took place at Zurich From
11h00 to 12h00 a.m. the fans were at the meeting place on the main
station of Zurich. Some fans came from Germany and others had to travel
for more than 2 h until Zurich. At 0h20 p.m. they moved in direction of
Sony, the promotion office. There were 50 fans. With them a journalist
from a radio station who asked some questions to the fansЗаметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 205589_198498970188063_110570722314222_452708_7772601_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 215279_198496633521630_110570722314222_452700_956057_n

Credits Muzikfactorytwo and michaeljackson.ch
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:53 pm

How Many visits Michael Made to Dr Kleins office in his last months and why!!!

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 21 Апрель 2011 г. в 23:20

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 215606_198314556873171_110570722314222_451770_713127_n

a recent discussion on the page about the amount of visits Michael had
made to Dr. kleins office in his last few months, I had reffered
to Klien stating he was rebuilding Michael's face. I hope this sheds
some light on it, and not just the theories that Michael was going there
to get a quick fix. To me there is a marked difference in the two
pictures shown above. According to Jackson’s dermatologist Dr.
Klein, his nose wasn’t prosthetic exactly, but was made up of
injectable fillers. Dr. Klein helped Jackson rebuild his nose after
other doctors whittled it away to nothing. Klein told this to Larry King
last night, and he also discussed the sad state of Michael’s health
after he lost his hair in 1984 when his scalp was burnt during that
DERMATOLOGIST: I met Michael because someone had brought him into my
office. And they walked into the room with Michael. And I looked one —
took one look at him and I said you have lupus erythematosus. Now, this
was a long word…KING: Lupus?KLEIN: Lupus, yes. I mean,
because he had red — a butterfly rash and he also had severe crusting
you could see on the anterior portion of his scalp. I mean I always am
very visual. I’m a person who would look at the lips of Mona Lisa and
not see her smile. I would see the lips.KING: Was he there because of that condition?KLEIN:
He was there only because a very close friend of his had told him to
come see me about the problems he had with his skin. Because he was — he
had severe acne, which many people…KING: Oh, he did? KLEIN: Yes,
he did. And many people made fun of him. He used to remember trying to
clean it off and he’d gone to these doctors that really hurt him very
much. And he was exquisitely sensitive to pain.So he walked into
my office. He had several things wrong with his skin. So I said — and
you have thick crusting of your scalp and you have some hair loss.He says, well, how do you know this?I
said, because it’s the natural course of lupus. So I then did a biopsy.
I diagnosed lupus. And then our relationship went from there.KING: Grew from there.You — let’s fast forward. You saw him the Monday before he died.KLEIN: Absolutely. Yes, sir.KING: What was the purpose of the visit?KLEIN:
He came to me because, basically, I was sort of rebuilding his face,
because he had severe acne and scarring. He had scarring from having a
lot of cosmetic surgery. And my expertise is — like it is with every one
of my patients. My patients are my treasures. And I was rebuilding his
face so he looked much more normal. And contrary to what people said, he
could not take off his nose. His nose was attached. But it looked too
small. And I just was trying to get him ready to do the concert, because
in the way he looked in his face, he wanted it to be absolutely as
perfect as it could be.KING: Did he consult you when he was doing his plastic surgery?KLEIN:
No. I mean I came onto the scene long after he’d begun plastic surgery.
In fact, what I wanted to do is, you know, stop it, because I felt
that, you know, we were losing body parts in the situation…The subject is Michael Jackson — the changes to his nose.Why did he do that?And
is it true that he wanted to look like Peter Pan? KLEIN: I don’t think
he wanted to look like Peter Pan. I didn’t see him implanting wings on
the back of his back or doing anything like that, right?KING: All right, what about the nose?KLEIN:
The nose was a very special thing, because his father and his brothers
supposedly, from what I’ve read, made fun of his nose all the time. So
he was very sensitive to the nose. And…KING: What was wrong with his nose?KLEIN: I originally didn’t think there was much wrong with his nose.KING: Yes.KLEIN:
I thought he had a nice-looking nose. But in the beginning, it was
never able to come off his body. But it got to the point where it was
far too thin. It didn’t look natural to me.KING: Now, you helped him rebuild it?KLEIN: I rebuilt it, yes.KING: How?KLEIN:
Using fillers. I used Rezulin. I used hydronic acids because — and they
worked very well. And it’s not — it’s an arduous procedure, because you
don’t want to put too much in. And you have to do it exactly, so you
can flow the material so it’s perfectly smooth.So we rebuilt
them. And I’m telling you that he was beginning to look like the nose
was normal again. And that’s all I wanted — and regain the breathing,
you know, passages of his nose, because there was a total collapse of
the cartilage.KING: In the last photos that we’ve seen, his nose has been built up, right?He’s looking betterKLEIN: Yes.KING: Was he still working at that?KLEIN:
No, because I think we got to the point where he was very happy with
the way he looked and he filled in the cheeks a little bit and did a lot
of little things.But I mean what I do to an individual patient
is what I do. And what I do is just restoration work, because I don’t
think people should look, again, like anything has been altered.KING: Well, you’re — you’re not a plastic surgeon.KLEIN: No, but…KING: So are you extending yourself when you’re doing a nose like that?KLEIN:
No, I invented all this. I mean it’s — I’m not a — I invented
injectable esthetics, I mean, for better or for worse, it’s what I’ve
been doing since 1979. So I’m not extending myself whatsoeverDr.
Klein also talked about how Jackson coped with his hair loss after his
scalp was badly burnt. He was using something called a tissue expander
to try and get rid of the scarring but it just made him more bald. It
sounds painful:<blockquote>KING: Did he have hair?KLEIN: He had lost a great deal of it. You forget this first fire…KING: That was the Pepsi fire, right?KLEIN:
Yes. But then what happened is he used a great deal of what are called
tissue expanders in his scalp, which are balloons that grow up — blow up
the scalp. And then what they do is they try to cut out the scar.Well, because he had lupus, what happened is every time they would do it, the bald spot would keep enlarging.So,
I mean, he went through a lot of painful procedures with these tissue
expanders until I put a stop to it. I said no more tissue expanders,
because he had to wear a hat all the time and it was really painful for
him.KING: So what would his — without the hat, what would he look like?KLEIN:
Well, he had a big raised ball on the top of his head because of this
device. It would expand the tissue, which you cut out.But (INAUDIBLE) would you — (INAUDIBLE) too much stretch back in the scar, you understand?KING: Did you see him one other time?KLEIN:
Of course I did. But he would have a stretch back on the scar. I mean
the scar would get worse after they removed it. And I had to put a stop
to it. So I told Michael, we have to stop this. And that’s when I fired
this plastic surgeon altogether. And I said I can’t deal with this
anymore. We’re going to deal with me as your doctor or you’re going to
have to find another doctor if you want to work with him.</blockquote>From Transcripts.CNN This in no way reflects any personal opinions I have on any of these matters.
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 8:54 pm

When Maria Peckey got to meet Michael

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 18 Апрель 2011 г. в 15:12

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 215985_197566953614598_110570722314222_448142_558134_n

2003- Maria Peckey was thrilled when her daughter, pictured, got to
meet Michael Jackson on his 45th Birthday. Patricia who suffers from
lung problem, asked the Make a Wish Foundation for the chance to meet
MJ. Peckey and her daughter celebrated Michael's birthday at his
Neverland Ranch, where they visited his dressing room, enjoyed a concert
and watched videos on his personal movie theater. "Michael Jackson is a
wonderful human being, an amazing person to talk to." says Peckey
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Dr. Randy Goldfarb tells of his unbelievable experience when he met Michael

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 18 Апрель 2011 г. в 22:46

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 208026_197648383606455_110570722314222_448419_3712107_n

2004 - Michael Jackson and Dr. Randy Goldfarb. Dr. Randy on this photo:"It
was an unbelievable experience that was surreal. I spent a day with
Michael that has always been special and memorable, but now is sacred.It
was 2004 and Michael was in need of dental care. He introduced himself
as if he was an ordinary guy that I had never heard of. Soft spoken,
gentle, and kind, talked highly of his family and had the utmost
appreciation for what I was doing for him. He signed autographs,
took pictures with us, and even sang. A private concert that I get to
replay in my mind selfishly. The effect he had on everyone in the room
was intense, and even more meaningful now. It was a privilege to have
met him and I only hope he knew the way he touched our lives forever.There will never be another person as gifted as Michael in both music and life.
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Natalia Barret and spending time with MJ

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 17 Апрель 2011 г. в 19:01

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 208751_197391956965431_110570722314222_447546_5848892_n

1987 California: In this photo, Michael Jackson Natalia Barrett and her brother Roman. "My
father, Ben Barrett, was in the music business and recorded a great
deal of Michael Jackson’s music—from the early days with the Jackson
Five right up to the “Dirty Diana” album.
brother Roman and I spent a lot of time in the studios when our dad was
recording; he would even take us with him on the nightshifts. So the two
of us spent time with Michael playing video games and consuming “studio
snacks” (sugar cubes, Hershey’s Kisses, Melba Toast, and Coffee-mate).
Michael was always kind and engaging—NEVER once inappropriate with us,
just for the record."
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 9:00 pm

Celine Lavail talks about Meeting Michael Jackson through her artwork

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 4 Апрель 2011 г. в 22:18

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 199222_194606937243933_110570722314222_433879_1378268_a

Céline Lavail first crossed Michael Jackson’s path in 1996 while the
superstar was staying in Monte Carlo, but it was only two years later
that Michael, particularly touched by one of her creations, commissioned
a first piece for his private collection. This was the beginning of a
collaboration that gave birth to several commissioned portraits of the
star : "Peter Pan", "Inspiration", "Archangel", "Allegory" and "Scared
of the Moon"."Mad Hatter", the very last piece produced for
Michael Jackson that was meant to be delivered to him during the Summer
of 2009 will be auctioned in early 2010 within the frame of "The
Official Michael Jackson Opus" charity auctions.Most of the
pieces that Céline Lavail created for Michael Jackson are featured in
the luxurious publication "The Official Michael Jackson Opus" (Kraken
Opus Ed.). The Opus features tributes to the star by those who new him
best, worked with him and those inspired by his work.Celine tells her story: "I
was only 17 years old when I first met Michael Jackson. It was 1996 and
he was staying in Monte Carlo for a few days. I’d always been a fan of
his music and I’d heard he was also a massive art lover. At that time I
used to draw and sketch a lot as a hobby. My plan was to go to his hotel
and give some of my pictures to his security staff in the hope that
they would reach him in some way. When I got there with the pictures,
the security guards handed them to a member of his staff. Amazingly,
I was told that Michael wanted to see me. I couldn’t believe it. I was
shaking. Thank god I had the drawings — if the worst came to the worst, I
could always hide behind them. Suddenly I was being ushered up to his
suite, by now terrified. As I entered the room — surrounded by his
aides, people in suits — Michael was just standing there, welcoming me
with a big smile. That relaxed me a little, but I knew things would be
difficult because my English was not so good. I lived in Perpignan in
France at the time, a town near the Spanish border, but I had only
learned some of the language at school. “I’ve done something for you,” I
said. He stared at my pictures. I’d brought five or six sketches, they
were rough but I was pleased with them. “You study art?” he said. I told
him that I didn’t and this caused the most unusual reaction: he started
clapping. “You’ve got a gift,” he said. “It comes from God, you have to
cherish this gift and feed it. Please keep on creating, I want to see
more.” I felt proud and embarrassed at the same time. It was such a
surreal experience. As I walked out of the suite, one member of his
staff handed me a piece of paper. On it was the name of Michael’s
assistant with a telephone number. I was told that “Mr Jackson would
love to see more art,” and I walked away from the hotel, my head
spinning, lost for words.Almost immediately, I started sending
sketches to Los Angeles without knowing exactly if they would eventually
end up in Michael’s hands. I soon found out that they were getting
through: I would sometimes get feedback from him or suggestions. I would
ask Michael for hints. I wanted to know what I should work on and his
answers varied from a single word like “royalty”, or a very precise
scene he wanted to see. Most of all, he said, he wanted me to pull from
my guts and be creative. He even called one day. The phone rang and a
voice enquired, “Celine?” I recognised him straightaway, but I couldn’t
believe it. Michael Jackson, the man who made Thriller, the dancer who
moonwalked at the Motown 25 show, had called me. Still it was hard to
match that person to the voice because he was so humble and normal. I
had sent him some sketches of Peter Pan and he told me he loved them.
I’d been drawing other Disney characters for him, but he told me to be
“more creative.” “You’ve got imagination, I know it,” he said. “Do something that has never been done before.” He
told me several times to study and to be inspired by the great artists.
I was astonished when I realised how knowledgeable he was when it came
to classic art. He told me about Michelangelo, Delacroix, Leonardo Da
Vinci and Nicolas Poussin. We talked about modern popular illustrators
such as Norman Rockwell or Scott Gustafson. In his hotel room there were
often piles of art books. He was very fond of the figurative style and
enjoyed everything related to fantasy. Following his advice I paced up
and down most of Paris’ museums, staring at the work of all the greatest
masters and worked hard to improve my craft. By 1999, I
decided it was time to show Michael the new piece I’d been working on: a
portrait of him as Peter Pan. I knew he would love it, he was so fond
of the Disney character. He was staying at the Ritz in Paris so I
arranged a visit. When he saw the picture, he opened his eyes wide and
hugged me really hard. “I love Peter Pan,” he laughed. “I am Peter
Pan!”. That wasn’t all. Michael was about to commission an artwork from
me. He pointed to the delicate mouldings on the walls that represented
cherubs and softly explained the exact scene he had in mind: “Babies are
adoring me with love and affection, which represent peace, love and
harmony of all races,” he said. This artwork would later be named
Inspiration.During the creative process of this piece I
occasionally received instructions from Michael’s part, asking me to add
or remove details in the composition. In the picture, Michael is
pictured reaching for the finger of a cherub who is Prince, his first
son. When he finally found out about this “detail” he seemed happy. He
believed I’d been inspired by Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam. At first,
this painting was hung in Neverland. Later it would be reproduced on
the carts that were used to drive around the ranch, though I don’t know
where they are now. Overall, I think he had five paintings of mine, plus
a jacket I made for him and a book. Looking back, one
moment summed up our collaboration. I remember that Michael loved the
fact that Michelangelo — one of his favourite artists — had inspired
generations of others. His great achievements were still widely
acknowledged centuries after his death. One day, I had a very
interesting discussion with him about the power of art and the way it
can transcend life, space and races. At the end of our meeting, Michael
handed me a piece of paper. On it was written, “I know the creator will
go, but his work survives, that is why to escape death I attempt to bind
my soul to my work.” He looked at me. “Michelangelo said this,” he
explained, though in hindsight, it’s probably a perfect way with which
to describe Michael Jackson’s life". Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 199706_194609817243645_110570722314222_433891_6617460_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 198096_194609890576971_110570722314222_433892_4101146_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 198428_194609973910296_110570722314222_433893_6523538_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 206808_194610053910288_110570722314222_433894_6228190_n
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PostSubject: Re: Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times   Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 9:02 pm

March 27th 2005, Michael Jackson gives an interview to Jesse Jackson

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 27 Март 2011 г. в 23:59

Jesse Jackson Interviews Michael JacksonSunday, March 27, 2005 From the Jesse Jackson’s Radio Show Keep Hope Alive Jesse
Jackson: Good morning. God Bless you. Happy Easter. Welcome to Keep
Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson radio program. This is Reverend
Jesse Jackson and this morning I wish you a happy and glorious Easter.Brothers
and sisters, I encourage those of you who are listening today, to tell
your friends about us and to listen to us on live on the web on Sunday
mornings from 7-8am Central Time, 8-9am Eastern Time (sic) on your
website, on our website keephopealiveradio.com. And please email us with
your thoughts and comments. We want to hear from you. So drop us an
email throughout the week at the same address keephopealiveradio.com.But
what can I say today about our special guest this morning. This
legendary singer, dancer, songwriter, extraordinary, has transfixed the
role for more than 40 years. He became an instant star at age eleven. Is
the front man in Motown’s phenomenally successful family act, the
Jackson Five. One of the best selling groups of all time. Hickering off
their Motown tenure in 1969 with the unprecedented feat of four
consecutive number one singles. Who can forget “I Want You Back”, “ABC”,
“Mama’s Pearl”, or “I’ll Be There”?Where were you when you were
having barely turned thirteen? He began his solo career. Released a
successful string of solo singles including “Got To Be There”, “Rockin’
Robin” and “Ben”. We’ve all marveled as he continued to scale at
unprecedented heights with the success of three of the biggest selling
albums of all time: ‘Off The Wall’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’. Indeed,
‘Thriller’ is the biggest selling album of all time. Having sold 51
million copies world-wide, beyond the numbers how important and pyridine
shifting has Jackson recording and shattering record, how… How
phenomenal has it really been? What a phenomenal feat.As producer
Quincy Jones told Time magazine. “Black music had to play second fiddle
for a long time.” In the spirit is the whole motor of pop. He has
connected with every soul in the world. He has been proclaimed the
biggest selling artist of all time. The singer most awarded entertainer
the world has ever known. The most popular artist in the history of show
business. And not so modestly, the world’s most famous man. And of
course, the King of Pop.And still our world goes on, on about
this genius, about this icon for ages. Brothers and sisters, members of
the Keep Hope Alive family, today we have the rare opportunity to take a
journey from Gary to greatness. Hear the King of Pop share the story of
his life as only he can tell it. It’s with great pride and pleasure
that I bring to you this morning Michael Jackson from California.Good morning Michael.Michael Jackson: Good morning Jesse. How are you?Jesse:
Good. Good. Good. Good. It’s good to hear you there. Many listening
ears around America and the world for our conversation today.Michael: Yes.Jesse: Good. Good. Good. Good.Michael: Good.Jesse:
We’ll my friends lets get this conversation started. We have a shared
conversation with our nation. Stay right there. You don’t want to miss
this conversation with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. We’ll be right
back with Keep Hope Alive with the Reverend Jesse Jackson.[COMMERCIAL BREAK]Jesse:
Welcome to Keep It Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson. Our regular
Sunday morning talk show. Today we have a phenomenal guest in Michael
Jackson. Michael has taken this phenomenal journey from ground zero to
outer space. Good morning Michael.Michael: Good morning Jesse. How are you?Jesse:
Good. Good. Good. Remember when we met on 47th Street way, way many
years ago. Your father brought you and the guys by the office in your
station wagon and U-Haul. You were performing at the Regal Theatre. Do
you remember that?Michael: Yes, I do remember. It was a long time ago. I was just very little.Jesse: What do you remember about that period?Michael:
Oh, I remember what we were wearing kinda like dashikis (sic) and
bell-bottoms pants and I just remember the love from the public was very
great and accepting of what we had to offer. And the support from you
know the people from the times was just beautiful, the black people was
fantastic. You were always very kind to us as well.Jesse: Good. Good. Good. Did your mom make those outfits?Michael:
Yes she did. She always made all of our clothes. My mother would sew
and stitch everything. Everything we wore before we really making it at
Motown.Jesse: I remember so well that uh Julius Griffin and up
your dad came over and asked if you guys could be a warm-up act at Expo,
and we had to make room for you in our schedule and you guys stole the
show.Michael (laughs): I remember those shows. You had a big time Afro at that time.Jesse: Don’t remind people of that Michael. You did so very well.(Michael laughs)Jesse: During that time you were being whipped up by Motown. Who discovered you for Motown?Michael:
Well in complete truth, it was Gladys Knight and a guy named Bobby
Taylor. And they were on the bill of some of the shows who were doing
that you would see like…you would do a show and there would be like
twenty or thirty acts. It was pretty much like Bonneville. You would do
just a certain number of songs and you would go off. They were always on
these shows. And they would watch us and they were so impressed with
what we were doing. And Barry Gordy wasn’t interested at first. But
eventually he loved us and wanted to sign us. And after being signed,
and uh, since Diana Ross was their biggest star at the time, that he
used her as the vehicle to…you know…introduce us to the public. The
first album was called “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson Five”.Jesse: At that time, who was your favorite artist?Michael:
Oh God, I loved Diana Ross and uh, I loved James Brown, I still do. I
love all these artists…still to this day. I love Jackie Wilson. The real
show stoppers. You know the real entertainers.Jesse: did you did…Michael (interrupts): Sammy Davis, Jr, I loved him as well (laughs).Jesse: Did you get any of your moves from Jackie Wilson?Michael: Oh yes of course! All these artists inspired me very much. I couldn’t help but be inspired by these great entertainers.Jesse:
A little later, remember we were out in Los Angeles and at that time
Suzanne dePasse was your the godmother for the group and she had you at
Fred Seigel’s shopping for some, shopping for some jeans.Michael:
Yes! Remember Suzanne dePasse, she was so wonderful, you know. She was
pretty much our manager with my father at the time and with Tony Jones.
They were all wonder people. I thank them from the bottom of my heart,
you know.Jesse: She was such a wonderful person, and she remains, she’s so top-notch in that what she does.Michael:
Yes, she is. She was very helpful and instrumental in the early days of
our careers that she remains a friend. And I do, I do…I miss her. I
haven’t seen her in awhile. She remains a wonderful person… so does
Berry Gordy.Jesse: Michael in this whole developmental period. I
call it ground zero like Gary and the Regal Theatre and the Expo and
early meeting of Barry Gordy and Motown, would you reflect, what was out
of this period that you remember the most?Michael: Which period was this now?Jessie:
Kinda like this period of Gary, to the Regal Theatre, to Expo to
meeting Gladys Knight, to going to Motown. From what about this period
that stands out the most in your mind?Michael: This period for me
which stands out is because I was so young around that time. I was like
eight, eight or nine. I just remember the environment, what it was
like, all the music I was hearing. My father played guitar. My uncle
played guitar. Everyday they would come over, and you know they would
play great music. And we would start to perform to the music. I remember
seeing marching bands go down the street. I would remember the rhythm
of the band and the beats of the drum. And every sound around me seem to
record in my head and start making rhythms and dancing. I use to dance
to the rhythm of the washing machine. My mother went to the corner store
to wash the clothes. I would dance to the rhythm and people would crowd
around. I remember those kind of stories. They would crowd around
pretty much and watch me. Those kind of little things. They are
reflections really.Jesse: Well, you remember you said that Jackie
Wilson, and James Brown and Sammy Davis were heroes. Did you ever see
them perform?Michael: Yes, of course I did and they were friends
of mine. All these great artists. That’s why I was so lucky. I was just
such a little kid, looking up to these people. We were real catatonic,
awestruck with their talent. Not only did I get to see it, but I got to
see it close up right on the side curtain, on the side of the wings. I
got to know these great artists. These were the best entertainers in the
world. They were show stoppers. And I would have to go onstage sometime
after them, you know. It was amazing!Jesse: But the thing is
that at first I remember Tito and Jermaine you were like so little, so
small. You was part of the Jackson Five. At what point did you know that
you realize you were a show stopper?Michael: You know when you
have a special ability. You don’t realize it because you think everybody
else has the same gift that you have. So you don’t realize it. When I
used to sing at such a young age, people were so inspired by my singing
and they loved it. I didn’t realize why they were clapping or crying or
start to scream. I really truly didn’t Jesse. And it just uhm, just
later on in life, people would come up to me and say you know do you
realize you have a special gift or you have a special talent. I just
remember from my mother who is very religious always telling us to
always thank God, to thank Jehovah God for your talent, your ability.
You know it’s not from, it’s not our doing, and it’s from above. So we
were always humbled by people would come with accolades or you know,
adulations or whatever it is. You know, it was a beautiful thing.Jesse: When did you stop going to school formerly?Michael:
Oh I was very young. I think it was…oh boy, hmmm. I think it was the
fifth, fifth, fourth or fifth I think. Then I had tutoring the rest of
my life. Because we did so many tours and concerts and TV shows and
things, all the albums and all the recordings because we would have
three hours of schooling, then we would do the concerts, then we travel
to another state or another country. Then by that time we would do some
concerts again and then it would be time to record the next J5 album,
then after the J5 album, it was time for another Michael Jackson album.
So in my youth, as a little kid, I was always busy. I remember across
the street from Motown recording studio, there was a park. I used to
hear the roar of the kids and the throwing of the football and the
basketball. I remember going to the studio everyday, and I was just
feeling kinda sad, because I wanted to go to that park. But I knew I had
a different job to do, you know so going in and make the records. All
day till late at night, then you would go to sleep, then you were up for
the next day, just the same regimentation.Jesse: Does that
insintu-… you missed a certain body of childhood experience. How did you
compensate for this loss of ordinary childhood experience?Michael:
I-I – It’s true. I didn’t have a childhood. But, when you don’t have a
childhood like people like myself and other child stars, you try to
compensate for the loss for later on you try to catch up. That’s why you
see, like you may see a theme park or amusement rides, that type of
environment at my home. But what I like to do is help other children who
are less fortunate than I am. You know kids who are terminally ill,
kids who have diseases, poor children from the inner cities, you know
the ghettos, to let them see the mountains, or to let see or go on the
rides, or to watch a movie or to have some ice cream or something.Jesse: Of course one of the difference about you Michael, you did have a family. How many of, how many is in the family?Michael: The immediate Jackson family?Jesse: Yeah.Michael:
There were originally ten of us. There’s nine. There’s nine. And my
mother Katherine and Joseph Jackson are still alive. We all were born in
Gary, Indiana.Jesse: Well in that setting, did Tito and Jermaine
beat up on you and give you some normal childhood experiences as a
younger brother?Michael: We would be on tour. We would go to
Miami. We would, you know, be able to use the beaches. We were so
popular at that time. Wherever the Jackson Five would go, there would be
a mob scenes. We couldn’t go in the shopping center or anywhere because
there were kids screaming. We had hit records back to back to back. We
were playing these arenas all across America. And so it was difficult.
We would did get to have a chance to have some fun in the hotel. We
would have pillow fight in the hotel or if we wanted to swim after
hours, we swim in the pool downstairs. You know that type of thingJesse: Who would win the pillow fights?Michael: Pretty much Tito or Jackie. [laughs] They were the oldest.Jessie:
You know you kind of grown from this kind of phenomenal rise to the
artist that has sold the most records in history. You look back from
that period that we call Ground Zero to the period of your maturing in
writing. Who was your greatest influence in learning to write? You write
so well.Michael: My greatest influence learning to write music. I
think this is when I was lucky. In my opinion, I came into the Factory,
the greatest song writers at that time in the sixties. Holland, Dozier,
Holland of Motown. These two guys were phenomenal. You know, Lamont
Dozier, Eddie Holland. These guys were amazing. They wrote all the great
Supreme hits and the Four Top hits. They were just amazing. And I got
to learn and work with these guys. And I love of course some of the
Beatles stuff. I love the Beatles music actually. I love a lot of the
show tune writers. Richard Rogers, and Oscar Hammerstein and Leonard
Lowe and Harold Arland, Johnny Mercer and these kind of show tune. I
love melody. I love the great Irish pub songs. I love English melody.
The rhythms of Africans. Which is the roots of rhythm . That’s my
favorite music. That’s my favorite music of the world because all music
is defined from that. Africa is music. It is the origin. It is the dawn
of existence. You can’t avoid that. It is in everything that is about
myself.Jesse: So much as you went through these stages and you began to write, sing and dance, did you ever have like a dancing coach?Michael:
You know what, I never studied dancing before. It always became natural
for me. Whenever I was little, any music would start, they couldn’t sit
me down. They couldn’t tie me down actually. Even to this day, if
anyone played a beat, I’ll start kicking in and making counter rhythms
to the beat that I’m hearing. It’s just a natural instinct. I never
studied. And Fred Astaire who was a good friend of mine, and Gene Kelly,
they used to always marvel at my ability for dance. When I was a little
kid, Fred Astaire used to always tell me how that he knew in his heart
that I would be a special star. I used to just look at him thinking what
are you talking about? [laughs] But uh, you could see, you knowJesse: Michael, where did the moonwalk come from? [laughs]Michael:
The moonwalk is a dance. I would love to take credit for but I can’t
because I have to be completely honest here. These black children in the
ghettos are, they have the most phenomenal rhythm of anybody on the
Earth. I’m not joking. I learned, I get a lot of ideas from watching
these black children. They have perfect rhythm. From just riding through
Harlem, I remember in the early, you know, late 70’s early 80’s, I
would see these kids dancing on the street and I would see these kids
doing these, uh sliding backwards kinda like an illusion dancing I call
it. I took a mental picture of it. A mental movie of it. I went into my
room upstairs in Encino, and I would just start doing the dance, and
create and perfect it. But, it definitely started within the black
culture. No doubt. That’s where it comes from.Jesse: Well then, connected to that piece when you were dancing, did you ever watch Don Cornelius Soul Train?Michael:
Oh I love that show. Are you kidding? Of course I did. I would wait for
the Soul Train line. They would have a line that they would make, like a
wall of people and the dancer would come through the middle, dancing to
the song. It would give them a chance to showcase their talent and what
they could do with their body creatively. I used to watch that
catatonically, just watching that! I was mesmerized by uh, and studied
the rhythms and the dancing of course. Of course I watched it. [laughs](19:17)
Jesse: Michael, you know as you look back, you kinda make this kind of
transition from ground zero in Gary and you begin to ascend, and you
became, in many ways, a man in a child’s body and I mean, you never
gained any weight! How did you manage?Michael: (laughs) Well,
I’ve never been a great eater, I’ve, uh ~~ to tell a little secret, I
hate to tell it, uh, I’ve never been ahhh, great eater or a great
admirer food, even though I appreciate food and the gift of food and how
God has given us food to eat, but my mother has always had a hard time
with me, all my life, uh, forcing me to eat ~~ Elizabeth Taylor used to
feed me ~~ hand feed me at times, because I-I-I I do have a problem with
eating, but, I – I do my very best, and I am eating, yes I am! So I
don’t - Please, uh, I don’t want anyone to think I’m starving, I am not …Jesse: But you’ve…Michael: My health is perfect actually.Jesse: You’ve maintained this weight man, that’s what people is most jealous of and so excited about…Michael:
No no, my health is perfect actually, I’m a great believer in holistic
natural foods and eating and (sp) herbs and things, you know, God’s
medicine, instead of Western chemicals, not those things, you know.Jesse:
You know Michael, as you look back on this phenomenal career, you—you
remember at least the 5th grade in Gary and how you guys became a- a big
hit so-so quickly, what do you remember, what is to you, the high
point, you know ~~ I’ve asked people all week long the high point for
them - it may have been Thriller, it may have been Beat It, it may have
been some performance, what for you represents the kind of ah, high
point?Michael: Well, one of the great high points, ahem, I would
have to say….. because I remember before ’82, in the early ‘80s ~~ I had
done an album called ‘Off The Wall’ – it was an important point for me
because I had just the movie ‘The Wiz’ and I wanted to express myself as
a writer, as an ah, artist, you know to write my own music, do the
music, pretty much put it together. And Quincy Jones, who I’ve loved – I
was fortunate to work with him and I love this man, he is very gifted.
But I was writing these songs at the time, ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get
Enough, you know, ‘Shake Your Body to The Ground’, you know ‘Billie
Jean’, and ‘Beat It’, you know, all these songs were written at this
time. Ahem, so I pretty much was setting mental goals of what I want to
do as an artist and I uh, it was a high point for me, during the uh, the
winning of the Grammys for the ‘Off The Wall’ album, but I wasn’t
happy. Because I wanted to do much more than that... I wasn’t happy
with, uh ahem, the way it was accepted, even though it was a HUGH
success, it was the biggest selling album for a solo artist at that time
~~ it was over 10 million, and ahem, ahem, for a Black solo artist. And
I said for the next album, I refuse for them to ignore, and that’s when
I set my heart (clears throat), on-on writing the Thriller album and I
really said I ----Jesse: What-what-what gave rise to The Thriller?Michael: Pardon?Jesse: What gave rise to The Thriller?Michael:
What gave rise to ‘Thriller’ was that the time, was pretty much
disappointed and hurt – I lived in an area called Encino, and I used to
see signs of graffiti saying “Disco Sucks” and “Disco is this” and
“Disco is that” and disco was just a happy medium of making people dance
at the time, but it was so popular, that the uhem, uhem, society was
turning against it. I said, I’m just going to do a great album, because I
love, uhem, the album Tchaikovsky did, The Nutcracker Suite, it’s an
album where every song is like a great song. I said I wanted to do an
album where every song is like a hit record, and that’s what pretty much
the hit, ‘Thriller’ spawn from that… And I did that album and it made,
er, all time history, the Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed that
it was the largest selling album of all time and it’s still to this day
and I’m, er, I would say that it was a pinnacle, that was a – I’d
reached a certain zenith point, I would think, but I still wasn’t er,
pleased after that – I was always wanting to do more, wanting to do
more. AndJesse: And somewhat you---Michael: And the Victory tour came along.Jesse:
And somewhat you reached out, before we get to the Victory tour, and we
had this phenomenal crisis of people dying and you used your celebrity
to pull artists together to do ‘We Are The World’.Michael: Yes.Jesse: What was that like?Michael:
‘We Are The World’ was a great project, because er, ah, Quincy Jones
called me on the phone and he asked me to write a song, for ahem, for
ah, ahem, the devastation that was going on in Africa ~~ and Ethiopia
was hit very badly, and he knew my love for the people over there,
because I would go to Africa all the time. I-I loved the culture, I love
the people, I love what they represent, and er, so I put this song
together, he said let Lionel Richie help you (clears throat), so Lionel
came over ~~ we started, you know, putting ideas together, and ahem, we
talked most of the time because we pretty much caught up with old times
because I’ve been knowing Lionel Richie for many, many years, and ahem,
so Lionel, er, and I put something together, but I wasn’t happy with it
completely, so after that, I just went into the studio myself and pretty
much completed it and finished it and packaged it and did all the
music, put everything together and turned it in. Quincy was very
impressed with it and he said this is the song, we’re going to go with
it and we put the song out and it became the biggest selling song single
in history and it raised a lot of money. It was called ‘USA For Africa’
and we heightened, it heightened, er public awareness on the subject.
It was relief for Africa, it was a beautiful thing. We gave a certain
percentage to America and the majority share went to Africa. It was a
great, great thing.Jesse: Reverend Jessie Jackson, Keep Hope
Alive, our very special guest for our edition today, with Michael
Jackson. So many people are listening all around the nation, all around
the world ~~ just a kinda family talk with Michael, I’ve known him since
he was like seven years old, but the entire family ~~ at some point in
time, his father, driving a ahem, station wagon with a U-haul brought
the guys by our office and asked if they would be a warm up act for Expo
and of course, they were a warm up act, in fact, they set it on fire
and the Expo was never quite the same again. Matter of fact Michael,
when we did the film ‘Save the Children’ that was a big hit too.Michael:
Yes it was, yes it was…. I remember those times… it was a little
cloudy, but I do remember Jesse and I remember how wonderful you were to
us and uh, I remember the love from the audience and I could hear the
screaming of the crowd. and I could see all of the Afros and the
dashikis and er, it was just a wonderful time, it was a wonderful cause…Jesse: On that show, it was Marvin Gaye, and Roberta Flack, andMichael: Ah!!!Jesse: … and the O’JaysMichael: Wow!!!Jesse: … and the Staples Singers and er…Michael: Wow.Jesse: …Cannonball Adderley, it was a huge deal.Michael: That’s amazing ~~ an amazing list of people, that’s some of the greatest talent ever – that’s amazing.Jesse:
We going to re-release the ‘Save the Children’ sometime soon and people
who missed that period will really enjoy watching it. Michael, you
know, when we think about the-the kind of rise from Gary, Indiana, you
were but a child and you went through your teenaged years being tutored
along, but then I remember another phase, I-I think is a another phase,
when the Victory Tour occurred. At that time, you were a full grown ~~
all of your brothers and sisters were full grown and we met in Kansas
City, remember? With your family?Michael: Yes.Jesse: … We all had prayer together, ahem…Michael: Yes we did.Jesse: The Victory Tour. Describe that season.Michael:
The Victory Tour was one of the great pinnacles of our-our, my success
because Thriller had won more Grammys than any other album in the
history of – of music, and it created so much phenomenon and such
adulation and notoriety at the universal level, and it was very, very
hard to-to go anyway, do anything without press and helicopters and
people sleeping in your bushes and hiding in your trees, and it was just
a phenomenal pinnacle, it really was and after all of that, I announced
that I was going to tour. And to tour and perform those songs live, in
front of an audience so the world was going just really, really wild at
that time. And we did this tour that broke records all over America and
we played stadiums, for instance, the-the setting record at Dodgers
Stadium, before we played it, it was one show and a half by Elton John.
We did 8 shows there – sold out, and they wanted another 2 – so we did 8
sold out shows there. (Clears throat) This happened all over America ~~
the first city was Kansas City and that’s where we met with you Jessie
and I remember you coming to the suite and you gave prayer and it was a
beautiful thing and ah, it was an amazing time, it really was. My dreams
had come true.Jesse: Good. Good. But you know Michael, in this
life, they say some rain must fall and you’ve had these seasons of just
ahem, tailwinds like pushing you forward. But life is of such that’s not
a straight line, ah, some argue you either in a storm, or you are just
leaving a storm, and going to a storm and it’s not difficult to handle
the sunshine of bright skies, tailwinds days, but then these headwinds
come that kind of uh, test what you really are made of, the kind of test
your metal, your true grit. And so you’ve had these high points. What
do you consider to be the low point?Michael: Probably the low
point, the lowest point, emotionally and experience, is probably what
I’m going through (clears throat).Jesse: In the sense – what, what about it has kind of stung you?Michael: What about it … has what?Jesse: Has stung you, so to speak.Michael: Has, …. Use the word again…Jesse: STUNG. You said it’s kind of hurt you, you said the low point.Michael:
Yeah, just the pain of what I’m going through, where I’m being accused
of something, where I know in my heart and in my experiences in life I’m
totally innocent, and it’s very painful. But this has been kind of, ah,
a pattern among Black luminaries in this country.Jesse: And so
since, you-you have been going through this and you feel the pain, you
think it’s a kind of pattern? How are you handling it spiritually?
Because you go from being held so high and now your very character, your
very integrity is under attack. How your handling it?Michael:
I’m handling it by using other people in the past who have gone through
this sort of thing. Mandela’s story is giving me a lot of strength, what
he’s gone through and the Jack Johnson story was on PBS ~~ it’s on DVD
now. It’s called ‘Unforgivable Blackness’. It’s an amazing story about
this man from 1910 who was the heavyweight champion of the world and
bust into a society that didn’t want to accept his position and his
lifestyle, and what they put him through, and how they changed laws to
imprison the man. They put him away behind bars just to get him some
kind of way. And-and Muhammad Ali’s story. All these stories. The Jesse
Owens story. All these stories that I can go back in history and read
about gives me strength Jessie. Your story gives me strength, what you
went through. Because I didn’t, I came in at the tail end of the Civil
Rights Movement ~~ I’m a, ah – I-I didn’t get the really, I’m a 70’s
child, really, but I got in on the tail end of the Civil Rights Movement
and I got to see it, you know?Jesse: And so, you-you-you-you had
these hits, ahem, and people that you have embraced are now facing you
in court on a daily basis. How does your spirit handle that?Michael:
Ah, I gained strength from God. I believe in Jehovah God very much and
ah, and I gain strength from the fact that I know I’m innocent ~~ none
of these stories are true ~~ they are totally fabricated, and it’s very
sad, it’s very, very painful. And I pray a lot and er, that’s how I deal
with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s
inside of me. I’m a fighter. But it’s very painful. At the end of the
day, I’m human, you know, I’m still a human being. So it does hurt very,
very, very much.Jesse: You and I were watching, you know you and
I were talking last week on the phone and – and there was this rhythm
of the trial, which we will not get into at all today, but then they
shifted from the focus of the trial to say you are broke. And last week,
people are calling in, all around the nation saying, “Is Michael
broke”? Michael, are you broke???Michael: That’s not true at all.
It’s one of their many schemes to embarrass me and to just drag me
through mud. And it’s the same pattern, like I told you before with
these other people in the past. Same pattern. Don’t believe, you know,
this is tabloid, sensationalized kind of gossip.Jesse: Well, how
did the money issue get in it in the first place? Some people called and
they thought it was about the Sony catalog. What’s- what’s in that
catalog?Michael: In my Sony Catalog, is all the Beatles music,
ahem, all of the music I own – I own Sly and the Family Stone, I-I own
such a volume of so many, I own Elvis – so many Elvis songs and it’s a
huge catalog, very valuable, it’s worth a lot of money. And there is a
big fight going on right now, as we speak about that. Now, I can’t say
whether or not – I can’t comment on it, but there’s a lot of conspiracy,
I’ll say that – conspiracy going on as we speak.Jesse: It was
suggested by a number of your friends and family members was that this
fight was really more about this catalog issue than it is any thing
else. Do you believe that?Michael: Well, you know, I don’t want
to comment. I don’t want to make a comment, Jessie ah—it’s a real
delicate issue and uh, I’ll let you, I’ll let you make the comment on
that one.Jesse: Let me shift this to this extent. Ahem, since so
many people are listening and there have been so many opinions – I was
in London a couple of weeks ago, and 24/7 was Michael Jackson
all-day-long and all-night-long and the day that you came to the
hospital late [to court], you said you were injured. What happened that
day?Michael: I was coming, er, out of the shower and I-I-I fell.
And all my body weight, and I’m pretty fragile, all my body weight fell
against my rib cage. And I pretty much, er, er, I bruised my lung very
badly. My lung is on the right, it’s very [sp], it’s, I’m in pain as we
speak and ah, I’ve been going to court everyday in immense pain and
agonizing pain. And I sit there – and I’m strong, I try to be as strong
as I can. So I can, ahh, but what we are looking for is the coughing of
blood now. The doctor said I should – he said it’s still very dangerous
as we speak, and if I cough the blood, he said it’s a very dangerous
thing, so we’re, we’re still watching it very closely.Jesse: The
cynics said you were faking. And it seems that the judge is [sic] will
not even willing to believe you, even though you had just left the
hospital.Michael: You know the – there’s no faking with this at
all. I mean there was a scan done and you could see, uhhh, the swelling
on my whole rib cage, I mean, uh, it was you could see it and it’s
bright red. And how it, it [the fall] busted my chin, and it put a huge
gash over my forehead, blood, it was er, it was very bad actually. And
er, but errr, we’ve treating it actually, I do have some medicine for
it, but we are watching it very closely.Jesse: As I listen to
your talking about this whole ordeal that you are going through, and how
you’ve er, stood strong sometimes amazingly so, ah, at some point last
week, you – you cried. What-what touched you? What made you, breakdown,
as it were?Michael: You mean at court?Jesse: Yeah.Michael:
I was in pain. I was sitting there hurting. And er, the pain was so
immense, all I could do was to sit there and cry. See, because it er, it
was so intense at that moment, ah, ahem, I just couldn’t handle it. So I
just grab tissues and just put it to my face… and…Jesse: So, it was more about your personal pain, than the, than the challenges of the, from the stand?Michael: No, it had nothing to do with what was going on inside. It was totally with personal pain, physical pain.Jesse:
Michael, since so many people are listening, I’m trying to gleam from
some of our calls on the phone today and from last week, as people
listen to you, what do you want people to know? Those listening to you
on the phone – I see calls from Philadelphia, and from Holland and from
Britian and New York and Mississippi and Florida, California – what do
you want people to know?Michael: About?Jesse: About you. About where you are now in the head, how you are feeling?Michael:
Well, ahem, pretty much to-to be strong for me, to pray for my children
and my family and myself. This is uh…uh very difficult time and to not
believe what they hear, and see and read and just because it’s in print
does not make it… just because it’s in print does not make it the
gospel. And uh… you know, because they have sensationalized this thing
to an immense degree. It’s a feeding frenzy – it’s because of uh, my
celebrity. The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the target. And they
have to remember that. So they’ve turned this into money – it’s like who
gets the biggest ratings, you know, it’s terrible what’s happened with
it. But it’s part of what I have to suffer [through] as a celebrity.
It’s part-part of what I have to go through. And to just uh, just know
in the end that I will be vindicated, I pray, because I know the truth.
I’m an innocent person. And I believe in God and love God. And just
continue to pray for us.Jesse: You know that, given your faith,
in God and in yourself, and your declaration of innocence and while you
are going through this storm ahem, presuming that you ah – win this,
this has been a close battle, ahhh, a very intense battle, because the
battle is-is not over, ah, the, appearance, given your relationship ahh,
has called for lots of consternation. Is there anything that you will
do differently? When this season is over?Michael: Is there anything that I would do differently?Jesse: Differently? When this season is over?Michael:
(Clears throat) Ahem, my level of trust will change. And ah,
there-there there’s a lot of conspiracy going on. I’ll say that much. A
lot of it.Jesse: Do you think that….Michael: All around me.Jesse: Is the conspiracy connected to the celebrity or to the trial or to the catalog – what do you think the source of it is?Michael:
I-I can’t comment. I can’t comment Jessie, I-I don’t wanna… it ah, I’m
under a gag order and it’s a very serious thing. I don’t want to say the
wrong thing. With the wrong flavor. It’s a very delicate area. Very
delicate where we are now.Jesse: Good. Good. Let me ask you this
question though, that for those who are praying fervently, want to help
and look forward to seeing Michael Jackson again. What can people expect
next from you?Michael: Well, like-like I always say, I’m-I’m a
person of the arts. I love the arts very, very, very much. And ah, I’m a
musician, I’m a director, I’m a writer, I’m a composer, I’m a producer,
and I love the medium. I love film very, very much. I think it’s the
most expressive of all of the art mediums. The sculptor can sculpt, the
painter can paint, but they capture a moment, ah, they freeze time with
the moment. In film, you live the moment. You live, you have the,
audiences for two hours. You have their brain, their mind – you can take
them any place you want to take them. You know, and that idea is
mesmerizing to me – that you can have the power to do people, to move
people to change their lives and that’s where you to marry the music
[and the] individual together. And that’s what excites me so much about
film and the future. Because I love motion pictures very, very much.Jesse:
Given, ah, the, heat that is on you and the taxing issue that you are
facing now, does it deter you from pursuing your career when this is
over?Michael: No! No. Not at all. Because ahem, I know who I am
(clears throat) inside and outside and I know what I want to do. And I
will always – er – you know, go with my dreams and my ideals in life.
And I’m a very courageous person and I believe in perseverance,
determination, and-and, you know, and all those wonderful things, and
those ideals are very important for a person who is goal-orientated, you
know?Jesse: Since people have-have risen so high and so far with your dreams, what are, what are you dreaming of now?Michael:
Oh ahem (clears throat), like I was saying before, ahem, it’s to
innovate, to tie in the medium of-of film, and there’s other things I
want to do, which are some surprises. Ah, things in society that I want
to do in the future. You know, in Africa. I have some great plans, ah,
that I’ve been preparing to do there. I’d had several meetings with
people whose flown out to see me since I’ve been going through what I’ve
been going through and so my heart is set on doing some things there,
very much so as well.Jesse: You ah, your next project. Because
often when people at a stage like this is kind of frozen, but you’re
thinking about the next project. What do you see as the next immediate
project? What’s hitting you right now?Michael: Probably, ahemmm…
the tsunami song that we want to do to raise money for tsunami because
Africa was ummm, was it Madagascar? One of those countries…Jesse: Indeed. Madagascar…Michael:
Somalia and Madagascar was hit very hard, and they never…talk about
that, the way they talk about the other countries. Now, we have, I mean,
uh, my heart is going out for everybody, but at least, when they
distribute the truth, distribute it right and ahem, it – they never talk
about the devastation down in Africa, so we ~~ I wanna do something for
that. And of course, I’ve been working on doing, planning a resort that
I’m building down in Africa. Ah, beautiful hotels, ah, just a beautiful
setting for people and families and something beautiful down there.
There a lot of beautiful places down there. So I want to do something
that is more international. You know?Jesse: Well, you know, it’s
interesting about the tsunami with this huge national - natural disaster
uh, couldn’t be stopped, maybe if we had early detection devices, we
could have saved some lives perhaps, but it was a natural disaster, but
what you raised is that while that we’ve lost 200,000 lives in the
tsunami, we’ve lost 2 million in the Sudan and that’s a manmade disaster
and oil and materials all caught up in that stuff, and then 4 million
in the Congo. And ah, and I think as we talk about it, you know you and I
talk almost everyday, you are reaching out to these African crisis –
appears to have er, taken up a large part of your dream at this stage in
your life.Michael: Yes it has. Because Jessie, in my heart,
deepest of heart, I really love Africa and I love the people of Africa.
That’s why, whenever I get the chance, the children and I, we jump on
the plane and fly to Africa and we vacation there. I spend more of my
vacation in Africa than in any other country. And ah, we love the people
and we love the environment. Topographically, one of the most beautiful
places on the surface of the Earth. They never show the sandy white
sugar beaches, and it’s there! And they never show the beautiful, you
know the landscaping, never show the buildings, the metropolis and urban
– Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, ur, you know the Ivory Coast ur, you
know, Rwanda, how beautiful the place is! And it’s really stunningly
beautiful! And I want to heighten that awareness with what I’m doing and
it’s been my dream for many, many years. And everybody around me knows
that, because I go there very much.Jesse: You know, we knew about the high points of Rome, because we see it on film.Michael: That’s right.Jesse:
We know about the high points of Britain and the palace, we see it on
film. On Paris, we don’t see much of Africa on film. We see Africa as
misery and Africa as problems. We do not see it as being this
phenomenally endowed continent of sand and sea andMichael: Because the…Jesse: oil and resources…Michael:
Because, yeah. The world is jealous of Africa for many centuries
because it’s natural resources is phenomenal. It really is. And it is
the dawn of civilization. The history, a lot of our bible history is
right there in Africa. And King Tut, all those great civilizations –
that is right there in Africa. Egypt is in Africa!!! And they always try
to separate the two, but Egypt is Africa!!!Jesse: Well, it’s
certainly true that when Jesus was threatened, ah, with death, when
Harod sent out the edict for [the] genocide of all of the first born
babies, that Joseph took him to Egypt, to Africa, kept him there for 12
years.Michael: That’s right. That’s right.Jesse: You’ve
shown an amazing level of depth and commitment. Let me say this and in
closing Michael, because people are listening and the reason I didn’t
want to open up the lines today is because you have, you’re sharing
stuff with us that you never quite really hear, but as people go and
watch the trial next week and the coming days, what do you want your
fans… we have callers on here right now from London, Holland and all
around America, so people out there are listening today to you. What do
you want to say to your fans and even to your detractors today?Michael:
I just wanna say: fans in every corner of the Earth, every nationality,
every race, every language, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You
know, thank you for your love and support and understanding during this
trying time. I would love your prayers, and your goodwill. Ah, and ah,
please be patient and be with me and believe in me because I am
completely, completely innocent. But please know a lot of conspiracy is
going on at this time as we speak.Jesse: Well, it’s Easter time,
ah, we fall down, we get back up again. The good news is that, ahem,
nothing is too hard for God. And those who believe, fervently believe,
no matter how far down that they reach for a rope and not a shovel.
They’d be pulled up and they will rise again. Michael, thank you for
sharing yourself with the nation today, and the world and for getting up
so early in California …Michael: God bless you.Jesse: God bless you and keep hope alive. Talk to you a minute off the air, okay?Michael: Bye-bye.Jesse: Alright. Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 199404_192881600749800_110570722314222_424839_2786983_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 190766_192881670749793_110570722314222_424840_4466810_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 196324_192881720749788_110570722314222_424841_4703879_n

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 197112_192882004083093_110570722314222_424844_3116239_n
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Alvin Malnik Talks About Is Realationship With Michael Jackson

Автор Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times, написано 27 Март 2011 г. в 0:20

soon as the untimely and sudden death of superstar Michael Jackson hit
the airwaves, the rumors began flying. From the highly suspicious to the
utterly ludicrous, falsehoods spread through the media like wildfire.
Michael Jackson—a superstar with unmatched talent and charisma, a
national treasure under a glaring global spotlight from the time he was
10 years old—was an incredibly private person. And though millions
revered the man behind the pop-king mask, few really knew him. Al
Malnik, the famous and legendary lawyer, businessman, and restaurateur
whom Haute Living referred to as a “Living Legend” during our cover
profile in the January/February 2007 Miami edition, was one of the few
people whom Michael trusted wholeheartedly. In fact, Malnik is the
godfather of Michael’s youngest son, Blanket, a piece of reality that
got twisted and misconstrued in the weeks following his death. The rumor
mill warped the truth so much that it was claimed that Malnik was
actually the biological father of Blanket—a completely fabricated
falsehood. Malnik appeared on The Today Show to answer the claims, which
he called a “Ripley event,” considering he didn’t meet Blanket until he
was one year old. Speaking out for only the second time since Michael’s
passing, Al Malnik shares his personal history with Michael Jackson
with Haute Living in hopes of setting the record straight about the
private life of this public figure. I first met Michael about
nine years ago. I was told that he had heard about me and was interested
in meeting, and in particular wanted to request a tour of my house in
Palm Beach. Michael was an architecture buff, and he had admired the
property from afar. He was in L.A. at the time, and expressed interest
in discussing several different business ideas and plans. He finally
asked [director] Brett Ratner, whom I refer to as my 11th son, to call
me and ask to meet with him. I initially said no because I was not a
fan, so I really didn’t see the point in inviting him to come over and
entertain him. When I told my wife Nancy about it, she raised holy hell!
She said, “Are you kidding? Michael Jackson! I grew up with him! His
posters were on my wall! You have to let him come over, I want to meet
him.” So to please her, I invited him to the house, and from that first
meeting we all developed a beautiful friendship. Throughout the past
decade or so, Michael would come and stay at the house quite a bit,
sometimes with the children, and sometimes alone. It was an
extraordinary time. Michael was an amazing houseguest because he really
didn’t require any attention. He liked to clean his own room and make
his own bed, and he taught his kids to do that, too, much to our
amazement. Michael soon became close friends with my son Shareef, along
with Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker. The four of them spent a great deal
of time together at our house, always having a ball, filled with a lot
of laughs. I also have triplets that are around the same age as
Michael’s two older children, Prince and Paris, who are 12 and 11 now.
We would travel often with Michael and the family, going down to
Acapulco or other family vacation spots. We also have fond memories of
our times out at Neverland Ranch. The most important bungalow there is
called the Elizabeth Taylor suite, which is where we stayed. The first
night, he had Elizabeth Taylor herself call me, welcoming me to her
suite at Neverland Ranch! The kids, of course, loved Neverland; they
went around with Michael’s children and saw the zoo and rode the train.
It was such a magical time. One year, at a birthday party that Nancy was
having for the triplets, Michael came to the theater and surprised not
only us, but the birthday guests as well. Everyone thought it was a
Michael Jackson impersonator. They couldn’t believe it was really him!
Come to think of it, some of the people may still think it was a
lookalike. All of our children spent a lot of time together, and
Michael’s children especially enjoyed it. When they were with us, they
were able to go out with Nancy and I and our family and not be haggled.
They didn’t have to wear their veils because no one knew who they were.
When they spent time with us they got to experience normal situations
that were lacking in their daily lives, like visiting St. Andrew’s
school or going to the movies. When they were with my family, they
literally were able to take off the masks and no one bothered them.
Michael was able to do the same. We worked to create everyday
experiences for him, like going shopping. One time we rented out a
Publix supermarket so that he could do what ordinary people do on a
regular basis.Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 190082_192661330771827_110570722314222_423576_3081879_a

Заметки Michael Jackson - Remembering the Times 189708_192661430771817_110570722314222_423578_7093437_a

was able to relax when he was with us and let his guard down. We live
on the beach, and he and I would go down to the water together after the
sun went down where he was just an ordinary guy, kicking his feet in
the surf. When it comes to my history with Blanket, Michael asked me to
be Blanket’s godfather when the boy was a year old. My relationship with
Blanket is limited, because he was just a baby at the time, and I did
not really participate in his upbringing. But I think that in the event
something happened, Michael really wanted me to be a sort of safety net.
He wanted to know that I would be willing to raise Blanket as though he
were one of my own children, and that’s what the legal document says. I
haven’t spoken with the family since Michael’s passing. I am not used
to being in the media spotlight so when the stories came out, I was
shocked. I know if I go to the funeral, the press will besiege me again.
So instead, our family will just pray for Michael, and wish him bon
voyage from this Earth. Our family loved Mi-chael very much, and we will
always be respectful, and always extend our hand of friendship to any
of his children, should they ever need our help. Michael had such an
amazing energy and such talent. He was always composing new songs and
singing them a cappella. One day, he was walking around the house in his
pajamas, singing some new pieces that he was working on. He was walking
up one set of stairs, and then down another. I asked him, “What are you
doing?” He said, “I’m doing two songs at once! I am walking up this set
doing one song, and when I walk down the other, I do the other song.”
He could write a song in five minutes, it was unbelievable. I know he
did end up recording some of these new songs. He planned on making his
comeback by doing an outrageous concert tour, starting in Europe and
ending in the United States. At the same time, he wanted to
simultaneously publish some of the new albums that he had been working
on while he was staying at our house—all new, never-been-heard stuff. He
was so excited to do this tour, so prepared for it. One of our friends
who had seen his rehearsal one or two nights before his death, called me
and said, “You ought to come out and see Michael before he does his
concert. He is unbelievable. It’s like you have never seen him before.” I
did have the opportunity to see him perform before, at our house. While
visiting, he asked if we could get him a portable dance floor, so of
course we did. When I saw him move around on that floor, I was wowed. I
had never seen anything like it. I knew he was unbelievable, and it’s
nice to know that five years later, he was equally impressive. It was
great fun in those days, but we also shared some hard times. I helped
Michael out financially in a lot of different areas when he needed it.
At that time, we managed to resolve all of his financial problems. After
that period, which was after I had paid for his bail when he was
arrested, I felt it was not in our best family interest to spend all of
the time that was required to get Michael on the right track again,
because at that point he had capable people around him. And, of course,
geography was a big problem because Michael’s business interests are
essentially in California or out of New York or Europe. I really just
didn’t have the time to continue to devote myself to trying to resolve
the many considerations that were in his life. The last time I saw
Michael was right before his trial, although we spoke many times after
that. He was a bit meaner at that time; he was so furious and so
disappointed at the charges being hurled at him. He swore to me that he
was absolutely innocent of each and every charge that was made against
him. And that’s the way it turned out. I think the legacy of Michael
Jackson will endure for many years to come. Ultimately, the negativity
surrounding him in the press will dissipate. He will be more
acknowledged and respected for the musical genius that he demonstrated,
and that legacy will survive our decade and the ones to come. Our
children will rediscover Michael Jackson again many years from now, and
be amazed that he created the music that he did, the style of dancing
that he did, and more importantly, the wonderful charisma that he
generated.Source: Haute MagazineAl Malnik Interview with Merideth Viera on the Today Show July 1st 2009Merideth
Viera- You know, I look at the images you have offered to share with us
this morning, both still photos and the videos, and its clear that
yours was a place where Michael felt he could come and relax and take
the masks off his children, both literally and figuratively. What are
some of the fondest memories of the time he spent with you and your
family?Al Malnik- Well, there are so many stories. As I’m sitting
here I just thought of one. At a dining room table, which is sitting
right next to me, we were having dinner one night and Michael mentioned
how fond he was of Louis Armstrong, and I said Michael, that’s
extraordinary that you said that, because the dining table here, that
we’re having dinner on, was once Louis Armstrong’s table and chairs in
New Orleans. He broke down and sobbed. Michael was filled with humility,
sensitivity, reverence and respect for anyone and everyone. And most of
all the love that he had for his kids equalled the love that he had for
his fans. He just was a guy that was beyond amazing and it’s just sad
to hear all the spurious stories that have been created about himMV-
You know, Alvin Malnik, I’m struck by the photos, or the video
actually, that was shown in Mike’s piece that was taken at that
supermarket. You took Michael Jackson to a market in the middle of the
night so he could do what everybody else does normally, just go
shopping, and how much fun he had there. And it seemed to point out to
me how isolated he must have been in his daily life to get such a thrill
out of this. Did he ever talk to you about the loneliness he felt?AM-
He said loneliness is part of his obligation, because he really felt he
had a God given talent that he was required to share with the world.
And that’s what he did, and a part of that was for his personal
loneliness to suffer. He was well equipped and agreed to do that.MV-
You know, I get the sense looking again at these images that his
children seem well adjusted, at least the pictures show them to be well
adjusted. Is that the way they came across to you?AM- Not only
well adjusted,…great story- You know I asked him, I said to my staff you
have a lot of extra work with the kids staying here, do we need some
extra work efforts on your part? They said there isn’t any extra effort.
Michael’s kids clean their rooms, they make up their beds, polish the
mirrors and they take care of everything, and he (Michael Jackson) said
that’s the way I bring up my kids and that’s exactly what they did. Each
and every morning Michael’s children, their first chores before
breakfast were to clean their roomsMV- Are you concerned about the kids welfare right now? I mean they just lost the only parent they’ve ever known.AM-
Yes I am, but I think the Jackson family love these children just as
they loved Michael, and I have no doubt at the end of the day the kids
are going to be fine and they’re going to be well provided for.MV-
You know Al, there were reports that at one point you had claimed to be
Blanket’s biological father. Do you want to set the record straight
here this morning?AM- (Laughs) Yes, it would be very interesting
(for people) to realize that I didn’t meet Blanket until he was two
years old, so that would really qualify as a Ripley (Believe It or Not)
event, I think. Of course I’m not the biological father.
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