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 The Resurrection of Michael Jackson

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PostSubject: The Resurrection of Michael Jackson   Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:40 am

The Resurrection of Michael Jackson

Posted in: Pop by James Chapman on May 7th, 2011 | 15 Com
http://musicouch.com/genres/pop/the-resurrection-of-michael-jackson/A sensational occurrence that will
completely shock the world may well happen very soon. The incredible
event will be the absolutely amazing and miraculous resurrection of the
king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was so
full of life and energy having just completed the rehearsals for his new
tour, only a few weeks before he was proclaimed dead. After the
rehearsals Michael Jackson said to his adoring fans that he would see
them again in July 2011.

This would imply that Michael Jackson had every
intention of being in the world on that date, which would mean that he
had faked his death and completely fooled the coroner and other medical

Let us look at some of the finer details surrounding this
apparent death of Michael Jackson; for example, Michael Jackson’s name
is still not on his grave stone.

Michael Jackson’s name is wrong on the will, on the
death certificate, on the autopsy and on other important documents. And
why was it that the coroner used Michael Jackson’s driver’s license to identify the body?

Is it possible that Michael Jackson used a body double and
that he had already discreetly made a disappearance well before anyone
discovered his ‘dead body’?

So, why would Michael Jackson want to make it look like he had died?

Was there a conspiracy to stop him performing again and was
someone planning to kill him anyway? Did that someone want to take some
kind of revenge? And who would gain most benefit in the event of his

Did Michael Jackson fake his death so that he could save his life?

When the guests were leaving Elizabeth Taylor’s
funeral several of them said that they thought of Michael Jackson and
his voice was in their ears.

Could this be really possible? Has Michael Jackson produced one of his greatest performances and totally hoaxed the entire world. For millions of his fans that would not come as a surprise.

They already knew that everything that Michael Jackson does
is special, completely original, absolutely sensational and always
unexpected. And the first thing they would hear him say is ‘you are not alone, I am here with you’.

The king of pop may well very soon be back and enthralling
his fans all around the world with his very special charismatic talents.
Then all of us will know we have an angel amongst us called ‘Michael’

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The Resurrection of Michael Jackson
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