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 Блог Тадж Джексон

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PostSubject: Блог Тадж Джексон   Блог Тадж Джексон I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 7:34 pm

Shooting with "MJ"
Блог Тадж Джексон 9f015194eb_preview
Hey guys, these last couple of months have been a strange
one for me. Lately I have found myself being both extremely happy and
sad at the same time.
What's the happy part?
I received my "Epic" camera last month and it's absolutely incredible. What is an Epic camera?
It's an innovative digital cinema camera by the "Red" company. In fact,
Red was a company that my uncle Michael was very fond of. We would talk
about them over the phone and especially their upcoming cameras. He
felt that Jim and his company were trailblazers and that one day they
would overcome the big guys. I don't have to tell you that he was right,
like always.
Here is a photo of my uncle with the Red one camera.

Knowing my uncle, he probably loved every minute behind the camera.
Which brings me to the sad part. Ever since I got my Epic camera,
I've been finding myself depressed. Why? Because my uncle would have
been the first person I would have called on the phone to tell about my
new "Epic". He would have been so happy for me, ....for us. I can hear
him now, asking "when are we gonna shoot something together with it?".
The hard reality is, now I never will be able to.
Anyway, in honor of my uncle, I have decided to name my Epic camera, "MJ".
That way everytime I turn on the camera to shoot something or press
the record button, I will be thinking of my uncle Michael, and the way
he inspired me and will continue to inspire me.
In a way, I will be shooting with "MJ"
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Блог Тадж Джексон
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