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PostSubject: Татьяна Тамбзен   Татьяна Тамбзен I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2011 9:30 pm

А Танюха та ужо вторую книгу издает.... Татьяна Тамбзен 319051790
Не теряется однако.....готовьте носовые платочки девочки.... Татьяна Тамбзен 2164293255

Former Michael Jackson Video Model Tatiana Yvonne: 'King of My Heart'

Friday, June 03, 2011 10:15 AM

Татьяна Тамбзен 170x170

Tatiana Yvonne has written a new book titled "King of My Heart"
about her time and experience with the late great, Michael Jackson.
Tatiana was a Julliard
trained ballerina and a successful
cover girl model in Japan long before her “overnight success” as Michael
Jackson's leading lady in the video “The Way You
Make Me Feel.”

it was the video that made her an instantly recognizable figure and
inducted her into Hollywood's inner-circle. Rumors of a blossoming
romance seemed substantiated by an ongoing association between the two,
even after the video as Michael invited her on The Bad Tour. Then in the
next instant it all seemed to come crashing down.

origin, it would seem, was “the kiss that was seen around the world.” A
unscripted, public kiss during the Bad Tour, denoting the chemistry
that had began to spark between them. Though Michael did not appear to
disapprove, Tatiana's accounts, it was believed Michael's handlers felt
it was bad for his image.

Even though Tatiana's
story does not contain salacious details of a torrid affair s in spite
of the fact the she has numerous pictures that insinuates an obvious
chemistry, Tatiana's credibility has been challenged and she has been
stigmatized from day one.

Perhaps this says
less about Tatiana and more about the media and public at large with
regard to Michael. Even after Lisa Marie's emotional open letter and
appearance on Oprah after his death professing how profound her love was
for him, or P. Diddy's comical story about how Michael crashed his
party in pursuit of Beyonce, there are still those naysayers who refuse
to allow Michael to be viewed as a genuine human being capable of love
and being loved. Tatiana's is one of many stories told after the passing
of the King of Pop that gives insight to the man, adding a building
block to the reconstruction of his image.

AllHipHop.com: You were sought after by Hollywood Royalty like Eddie Murphy, Prince and De Niro. What makes Michael the king of your heart?

was my childhood. The very first time I laid eyes on Michael I was
about 3 years old and at that moment I thought he's the one and I held
on to that love and that dream of meeting him since I was a little girl.

What was the purpose of writing a second book?

second book goes more in depth with my story. Some of the same stories
were in my last memoir but this one, I guess you can say, takes it home.
And of course with his passing it kind of like took me full circle from
the very first time I laid eyes on him and fell in love with him up
until his passing....the world lost him. That made it bittersweet...full

How did you handle that?

God”s Love. I am constantly keeping my faith with God. It's still hard.
Everyday I wake up I am reminded the world is not the same as I knew
it. To me there is something missing. Someone I always felt in my heart
of hearts was my soul mate. So it's not easy because sometimes I feel
like I am half of something that's no longer here.

Татьяна Тамбзен 7d4061efec_preview

sure you would agree that Michael dealt with a lot of persecution and
alienation when he was alive but then a lot of repressed love came to
the surface after he died and people suddenly embraced him or at least
that was my

perception was absolutely correct. I saw a lot of people who we're not
Michael Jackson fans suddenly become Michael Jackson fans who had this
new found idolization and admiration that he didn't have while he was
here. What I realized is people don't always know what they have 'til
it's gone. And that's heavy and it's sad but it's true. I have also seen
people suddenly latch on to pieces of Michael out of new found respect
and admiration. Even I felt it. I have new fans who have appreciated me
more because of that. Because they learned
that very same lesson.

That's a good way to put it, a lesson.


Yeah and it's not a bad thing. I've always thought that's what life's
about, learning lessons, sometimes the hard way. A person can only tell
you so much or teach you so much. That's what life's about, living and

How did meeting Michael change your life?


(Hesitates)...Wow!....That's a really good question; the fact that I
always believed that anything is possible with hard work and diligence.
It taught me that dreams do truly come true. Even though I believed
that, that was actual proof. With all my hard work and training in
ballet and believing I would meet him someday...

Anywhere in your thoughts did you ever think he would be interested
or fall for you?


No, I actually never thought that way even though I had a friend who
sort of predicted that. Remember I said in the book my friend, whom I
didn't mention by name, said you should move to New York and try to meet
Michael Jackson? He'd love you. (laughs) Although I didn't think that
way. My whole thing was just wanting to meet him but I never entertained
the idea of us falling for one another. When I did meet him and work
with him it all happened very naturally. The chemistry just happened
It's not something I foresaw or tried to make happen. It was just God.
But it was the happiest time of my life; meeting him and working with
him. I have never known happiness since then. Not that kind of

I would imagine that would be a tough act to follow be it professionally or emotionally.


Also take away from that the fact that he was the greatest entertainer
who ever lived. He was a guy. When we we're falling for one another it
was about two people. It wasn't about his status or this larger than
life image. It was at first but after we broke the ice and got to know
each other he was just Michael, the guy.


The way people view Michael has always been very polarized. They are
are either viewing him as subhuman and being dehumanizing or deifying
Either way people don't humanize him enough to believe a
beautiful woman such as yourself could fall for him. Since his death
there have been many stories of him being flirtatious. Would you say his
behavior qualified as flirtatious?

completely. You tell me. The scene where we run through the car my heel
had gotten stuck in the car's upholstery and Michael grabbed my leg
trying to help me pull my foot out of the upholstery. I was so taken
aback and so in awe that he touched my leg in such an intimate way that I
pulled away and ended up falling outside on my butt. The next thing I
know Michael had grabbed me up and was wiping my butt off with is hand
not in a derogatory way but in a flirtatious way. When I looked back he
had a devilish grin. He was a normal red-blooded male.


I saw an interview with Vicki Lawrence around the time of the video and
you we're talking about you and Michael and she joking, cutting you off
and was being very rude. It's seemed like a wasted opportunity to hear
about your relationship.


What she was doing was squandering my opportunity to grow so the public
took me as a joke and didn't take me seriously but just saw me as some
video vixen struttin' her stuff. She even snapped “Those dance lessons
sure didn't pay off” Michael didn't think so. He thought my walk was
sexy. He said my “walk was my dance!” It taught me a lesson about how
really the industry treated Michael. I was under his umbrella. So it was
a reflection of how they always kind of dogged him and would always
play him off like he was a weirdo and now they we're making fun of me
because I was growing out of that camp. It's like Firpo Carr (MJ
associate) said, “Being a Michael Jackson associate is not for the faint
of heart or weak of the knees."


Татьяна Тамбзен MJTYbookcover.jpg.w300h420

Click this link to preview book (.pdf download)

Татьяна Тамбзен Tatianaandmichael.jpg.w180h130

In her own words, Tatiana speaks

& Tatiana--The King of My Heart


Michael warmly caressed me from behind,
the magnificence of his cologne stirred my emotions. When I
sensed that he wore it just for me, an indescribable euphoria
swept across my psyche. My bliss was heightened when I learned
from his parents and close friends that he said he was in love
with me.
purity of his minty whispers
fell like angel's breath upon my ear. The radiance of his smile
lit my heart. How could anyone possibly resist surrender to
the innocence of his aura? While our bodies quietly posed
motionlessly for the picture, our souls danced excitedly within
us. For that private moment in a public place, we were Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Jackson.
all was not well. I received an evil
gaze from a jealous employee standing just out of the frame,
off to the side. Her icy stare still resonates with a chill.
Ominous clouds were forming. I had no idea she'd represent
sinister forces threatening to sabotage our royal wedding; and
wearing his coat he gave me during the shoot would not shield
me from the wrenching heartache to come.

At that moment, the genesis of a fairytale love affair began slowly
transforming into a nightmare. The Hollywood script would read: "The exuberant bride-to-be morphed into the lovelorn
queen denied her crown."


now, though my King is gone, his love still reverberates within
my heart. This is my story of lost love as never told before.


Татьяна Тамбзен Headshot

After one of her
accomplices fought with security, Tatiana and her friends were hauled
off to jail in a pattywagon! While they were under
surveillance, they tried to make a run for it! All the gory details are
in her book, Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен MarioVanPeebles.jpg.w300h409

The link below this text directs you to a rare commercial that Tatiana
did with Mario Van Peebles "back in the day."
To find
out more about what happened when their paths crossed, order her book, Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart.

Click here to see rare video of Tatiana and Mario Van Peebles
Татьяна Тамбзен Diana-Ross.jpg.w300h314

What was said between Diana Ross and Tatiana when they met backstage with
Michael? You'll find the answer in the book, Michael & Tatiana--the King of My Heart. Buy it now!

Татьяна Тамбзен Brookeshields

Did Brooke Shields and Tatiana have a confrontation when they met?
Buy the book. Get the answer. Michael & Tatiana--the King of My Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен Rodstewart.jpg.w300h385

What did Rod Stewart want from Tatiana so badly he offered her money?
Read the answer in Michael & Tatiana--the King of my Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен Sylvesterstallone.jpg.w300h225

What did Sylvester Stallone say to Tatiana when in a restaurant together?
Read about it Michael & Tatiana: The King of My Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен Paulaabdul

Abdul has a new show airing January 2011 on CBS called Live to Dance. What did the former Laker girl and American
judge say about Tatiana? Read the answer in Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart..

Татьяна Тамбзен Mickjagger

What did Mick Jagger discuss as Tatiana sat across from him in the studio?
Read about it in Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен JenniferGrey
What does 2010 Dancing With The Stars champion Jennifer Grey have in
common with Tatiana "MJ" Yvonne? What links them? Find the answer in
Michael & Tatiana--The King of my Heart.

Татьяна Тамбзен Tatianajermaine.jpg.w300h225
What did Jermaine Jackson tell BET about Michael and Tatiana?
Read about it in Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart!

Татьяна Тамбзен LMPandMJ.jpg.w180h190
What happened when Tatiana "MJ" Yvonne and Lisa Marie Presley came face to face with each other? What was
Tatiana's first impression? What would she later say about the encounter? Read all about it in Tatiana's new book, Michael
& Tatiana--The King of My Heart!
Due to the overwhelming interest in Michael & Tatiana--The King of My Heart, we are now accepting traveler's
, cashier's checks, and money
as options for fans that choose not to
use PayPal. (We regret that we can no longer process foreign
instruments. All items must be in U.S. dollars.) Please add
$5.95 shipping for domestic orders and $12.95 shipping for foreign
orders. Make out to STIR Inc., and mail to the following
STIR Inc. 4067 Hardwick
Street, #330
Lakewood, California
Mail right away to get your copy of Michael & Tatiana-The
King of My Heart.
See more details below.

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Розочка, уменьши пожалуйста ту фотку, где крупным планом ее лицо. Она громаднааааая лол

Спасибо заранее. hheart

Татьяна молодчик! Еще один зарабатыватель денег. Когда видишь подобное, удивляешься, люди ли это вообще.....

There will never be anyone else in my heart, but you...
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